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This is a personal, non-commercial web site designed, developed and maintained by Rhondalee Lucas. The site is funded by Rhonda. No financial contributions are solicited from anyone who may visit this site; however, contributions of genealogical or historical information, photographs or news of upcoming events that fit within the context of this site are encouraged and accepted. The growth and success of our family’s web site is due to the many family members and friends who have so generously contributed information and pictures. They are all deeply appreciated.

It is my intention to make this web site as factually credible as possible. Unfortunately, in genealogical research, there are many times when records for an individual conflict. It is often necessary, when listing dates, names or relationships, to have to choose which records to accept as the most valid. There are also many donations of information from a variety of sources; some of these donations come with corroborating documentation and some do not. For these reasons, I cannot guarantee that information found on this web site is totally accurate. In cases of conflicting records, I will attempt to list what information I have and allow you to decide which records appear the most credible.

I gladly invite your corrections if you find errors anywhere on this site. If you have documentation or can provide sources for your corrections, those would be greatly appreciated. Any additional information that you are willing to provide is also welcomed. You may contact me by e-mail.

dixie9.com is more than just a genealogical site. It is also a family site where we can inform our extended family about births, graduations, weddings, achievements, honours, reunions, deaths, and so forth. Therefore, many people still living are found in the genealogical listings. The vast majority of this information comes from those who are listed but, when I find information through resources available to the general public such as newspapers, magazines, directories, Internet sites, or others, then I may add that information, too. The information is basically limited to name. Any additional personal information other than that will not be included unless I have that person’s express permission.

No information on minor children aged 13 or below will be listed without a parent’s permission and no information submitted by a child aged 13 or below will be accepted without the consent of a parent or guardian.

I realize that some individuals, for a variety of reasons, may not wish to be listed. Should you have objections to being in the family listing or if you have other concerns, please contact me.

You may also read this site’s Privacy Statement for additional information.

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