Friday, 20 February 2015

Introducing Patrick John 'Paddy' Cummin's youngest son

Last night, Thursday 19th February was an interesting night.  Whilst sitting here waiting for severe TC Marcia to cross the Coast of Queensland a few hundred kilometers up the road being and being hammered with sheets of wind and rain I decided to log into FamilyTreeDNA and check the status again of 'Uncle's' Family Finder test.  Results for batch 606 were initially due 11 Feb, then 18th, then 25th.  Once your myOrigins results load you know you are getting close to receiving full results.  SURPRISE, his myOrigins results were loaded!  Yippee!

Being the impatient person I am I wondered if that meant the raw data was available yet?  So I checked, and low and behold raw data links were there so I downloaded them.  mmm, I thought to myself I'll try and upload to Gedmatch and run a check to see if they were complete files and all the data was there.  Bingo!  It worked!  At the end of the check it told me I could run one-to-one until kit was tokenized!  I had forgotten all about that so popped 'Uncle's' new kit number in and my mother's kit number in and Bingo, Eureka, Happy Dancing!

The results confirmed what we already knew, Paddy Cummins has another son!  Welcome to the family Uncle Michael you are now officially a Cummins, we are happy to have you as part of the clan!

Largest segment = 200.1 cM
Total of segments > 7 cM = 1729.6 cM
Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 1.5

The most wonderful thing is I didn't find Michael, he and his daughter found us in November 2014, Michael attempted to contact us the weekend we were down in Brisbane for a passel of medical tests for Mum.  The poor guy left a series of messages on my answering machine and had to wait until we returned home.  We immediately shared photo's and information, ordered a DNA test and started the hard slog gathering and deciphering as much paperwork as we could.  It was a huge team effort which was absolutely delightful!  Fortunately for me Natalie (Uncle's daughter) lives in Sydney not far from the NSW State Record Archives and she graciously offered to go to the Archives to gather records, she and Uncle had a field day and came away with a ream of copies which we poured over.  Suffice to say there was enough proof there for us to all agree he was Peggy's half brother even before the DNA results were in, we were just waiting on those as the icing on the cake.

He came for a visit for 5 days and only left on Tuesday this week, it was a wonderful meeting, we got to spend time getting to know each other and work on avenues of further research on Paddy's life.

Now we are awaiting his yDNA111 results which are due end of March which will hopefully lead us to finding further information on Patrick's parents!

Rhonda, Mick and Peggy, our first outing together.
To complete the siblings, next on the agenda is to trace Patrick and (his first wife) Beatrice's only child Patrick William 'Billy' Cummins born 1933, New South Wales.  I believe Patrick/Billy's wife was a Colleen Jeanette Slavin who passed away in 2012 on the Central Coast, NSW it is believed they could have family in Victoria.  If you resonate with these people we would dearly love to hear from you, please make contact.