Saturday, 25 October 2014

DNA confirms there is ONE Thomas Graham Melrose (1806, Scotland - 1888, Michigan)

Excitement is immense here. This week we have a MAJOR DNA confirmation on the Melrose line.

Thomas Graham Melrose, my 4th great grandfather, who married Mary Anne Irvine is the very same
Thomas Graham Melrose that married Anna O'Neil in 1848, Motréal, Québec. Research shows that Anna is also known as Horrigan, Harrigan, Wilson and Willston.

This is confirmed with a triangulated match of a great grandson of Thomas Graham Melrose and Anna O'Neil to a great great grandson and great great great granddaughter of Thomas Graham Melrose and Mary Ann Irvine.

I am so grateful to this wonderful cousin for taking this test, to you Tom I send my eternal thanks. Thanks to him we also now have an estimated Melrose yDNA of I2b1* at 23andme.  For Anna's descendant's her mtDNA is H7.

To make it easier, we have:

Thomas Graham Melrose
+ Anna O'Neil (I am sticking to the name on the marriage for this exercise)
 |-James Stuart Melrose
  +Anna Elizabeth Bastow
   |-James Stewart Melrose
    +Gladys (unknown)
     |-Tom Melrose matches Tim Carter and Peggy Lucas

Thomas Graham Melrose
+ Mary Ann Irvine
 |-George Melrose
  +Jane Schofield
   |-Elizabeth Melrose
    +William Carter
     |-Aubrey Carter
      +Isabella Murray
       |-Tim Carter (G G Grandson) matches Tom and Peggy
   |-Mary Jane Melrose
    +Charles Miller
     |-Charlie Miller
      +Emily May Davis
       |-Cecilia Miller
        +Patrick John Cummins
         |-Peggy Lucas (G G G Granddaughter) matches Tom and Tim

Thank goodness we have these 3 to test otherwise we would have had a harder time doing this as Tom is not matching myself, Karynne or Shelly, although Tim matches the 3 of us as well; you just can't predict how the DNA will travel down the line!

Have fun joining the tree's together cousins!

My next project is to locate obliging DNA testers from the Melrose Clan of South Australia, the object is to see if they also connect, I've long suspected that they descend from George's Uncle George.

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