Saturday, 27 September 2014

WikiTree performed how it's meant to for Heather Johnson

An absolute marvel happened and WikiTree performed the way it's meant to.  I've been neglectful in entering Heather's family tree into WikiTree and thought I should give it a go and start utilising her Family Tree Family Finder DNA results.  So along I plodded entering her direct line got to her great-great-great grandmother Jane Grono who married Robert McKenzie and WikiTree was doing it's little check to make sure I wasn't duplicating people and SHEBANG!  She was there! And her husband, whom I had and at least another 3 generations I hadn't known about, all documented.  The power of WikiTree is AWESOME!  <3

Heather's Maternal line

updated live from WikiTree

Heather's Paternal line

updated live from WikiTree

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