Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mitochondrial DNA T1 confirmed by second descendant test

Update on Peggy's and my own mitochondrial DNA, I elected to add the mtDNA plus test to Peggy's autosomal kit at FTDNA and the results are in, it's confirmed T1, one day I will upgrade further to the FMS (mtFullSequence), but for now because we have both been tested at as T1a1 I don't feel the need.  This has also been confirmed with my 3C1R Amanda Bortolussi who is downline of Zenobia Mundy through another daughter Elizabeth Ann Davis taking a 23andme test and coming back with T1a1.  Amanda has also joined us on WikiTree and has connected with our tree and is growing hers, fantastic to have you onboard Amanda.

Below is a chart of our mitochondrial DNA lineage:

updated live from WikiTree

Would love to connect with other descendant's of these women!  Add a comment or drop us a line.

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