Monday, 30 December 2013

Person: Lily May Lucas nee Hodges (01 Jun 1915 - 30 Dec 1976)

Today is the 37th anniversary of the passing of my paternal grandmother Lily aka Dixie (you guessed it this blog was named after her).  When family pass I am a firm believer of keeping their essence alive and a part of our lives, without them we wouldn't be who we are, so in honouring her memory today I am sharing a snippet of her tree.

It is believed her father is a gent named Harry Jamieson as told to me by my grandfather when I expressed an interest in our family heritage all those years ago.  I am hopeful that one day DNA will be able to shed some light on this or point us in the right direction to fill in this branch for her, I'm hopeful she won't shoot me down for doing this, it's done with love in the heart <3

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

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