Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Ancestry Composition at 23andme including Split View

Thought I would post my Ancestry Composition according to 23andme.  I'm quiet impatient for the day we can knock out those 'Nonspecific' assignments!

Conservative ancestry composition for Rhonda

Speculative ancestry composition for Rhonda
This one is more interesting!

Standard ancestry composition for Rhonda
This 'standard' chart is is the one shown when you first check your results.


As both Mum and I have been tested I am able to view the Split view, this is the best part of having a parent test especially as in my case my father has been deceased for 14 years, thanks to Mum I am able to view a breakdown of his composition!  To me this is priceless.

Conservative Split view

Speculative Split view

Standard Split view

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Switching genealogy programs is not a fruitful process

I have discovered that my database is a complete and utter mess, switching programs has not been a fruitful process (for me).  Many moons ago I started out with FTM, them moved to Legacy (which I loved), however now I am Macified I went back to FTM and then switched to Reunion. Sadly between the latter two my files are a MESS, not completely corrupted but well on the way. Mainly all to do with my fastidious sourcing which is now swapped around, or attached to the wrong people.  We won't mention the multiples of duplicates from the dreaded TreeSync (FTM).

There is only one thing for it, I am starting afresh.  From scratch. So now is the perfect time to send me through any updates that need doing, or people to add!  I do believe this is going to be a protracted process.

Now to decide, will I do it in FTM Mac or Reunion or purchase a straight out gedcom program and stick totally to gedcom to save corruptions?

Thoughts welcome!