Thursday, 8 August 2013

WikiTree - Our Collaborative Family Tree at

Over the years aka have used various formats for displaying our family tree with the main aim of it being a collaborative tree for all family members old and new to particiapate and grow the tree, branch by branch, limb by limb.   Of recent times, I have been wondering what would happen to all our work when I go to meet our Maker.  I am not a fan of as I object to handing my tree over to them and then have them charge potential family members a fee to find and access the information.  The truth can be said for a lot of other "online tree's" as well.

So, after much discussion with family members we have decided to utilise the wonderful  WikiTree is a 100% free, collaborative project which has been growing since 2008.  As a community the object is to create a single worldwide family tree.

It's as simple as creating a person profile page, setting the privacy levels, adding sources, notes and information.  The beauty is that others can request to co-manage the page, add or correct details and grow the information and grow the profile.  You can privatise a profile so that only 'Trusted' people can view as well.  Click here to see Rhonda's fathers profile.

Feel free to join in and help!  The more the merrier :D

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