Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lucas and Cummins mitochondrial (mtDNA) | T1a1

A new post on our series in Genetic Genealogy.  Here we will explore my own mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA for short.  mtDNA is inherited by your mother, her mother, grandmother, great grandmother and onwards as depicted in the picture below.  A really good reference can be found at wikipedia. T1a1 is a subclade of T and reportedly of Viking descent.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Blood Relative Surnames of Peggy

A quick surname reference for fellow genetic genealogists who are looking for connections via DNA for Peggy.

Charts updated 26 July 2013 and broken into two groups for ease of use, Maternal (Miller) and Paternal (Cummins).

Saturday, 6 July 2013

DNA Journey with 23andme - getting started

Are you thinking of having a DNA test done to enhance your genealogy?  If so, this is what is called Genetic Genealogy.  Following is what to expect, from my experience.

I started this journey last year when I ordered a test for my paternal Uncle through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), after his results came in I decided to do my own test.  Being a female I needed to do an autosomal relative finder test, so I chose 23andme for a couple of reasons, the first being the medical information that can be obtained and the second was they dropped their price from $299 USD down to $99 USD, even with the mandatory DHL delivery fee it's under $200 AUD.

The whole process can be tracked by logging into your profile and checking your Status box.  There are 6 steps to the process.  Here are the steps my kits took, you'll notice mine went through a second round of analysis and then a replacement test, it took just short of 4 months!

William Jones & Mary Ann Sullivan


Both of these lines came to Australia as Convicts.

William JONES arrived on the "Marquis of Wellington" on 27th January 1815, aged 26, after being convicted for life at the 'Old Bailey' on 12 Jan 1814 for stealing sheep. "The London Chronicle", 15 Jan 1814, 'Report from the Old Bailey' - William Jones was indicted for stealing a sheep, the property of W. Wynne in the neighborhood of Uxbridge about a mile distance from his house. GUILTY. Sentenced to death and commuted to transportation for Life.