Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lucas from Scotland Y-DNA Results

Further to my earlier post "Journeying into genetic genealogy", results are starting to come in on my paternal "Lucas" Y-DNA test with Family Tree DNA.

The Results are:

Y-DNA = R1b1a2 with the shorthand code of R-M269.  

The 37 marker test hasn't revealed any close matches which is disappointing.  There were a couple of hopefuls, but there is no way to contact the people listed as they have their profile set to private, frustrating!

I have the joined two projects in the hope of finding matches:
Lucas Project:
Scottish Project:

The mtDNA is due in next.

Since my previous post, 23andme has reduced the price of there genetic test to $99 USD, delivery to Australia is $74.95 USD.  I had no intention of getting my own DNA done, but I have decided to do so.  So last Monday (4 Feb 2013) I ordered a test kit, it turned up today!  Considering the kit from  Family Tree DNA took over 4 weeks to arrive, the delivery time on this one was OUTSTANDING!  I know of one Melrose cousin who has her test with 23andme so it will be interesting to compare notes when the result is in.

If you are connected to the family in anyway, and are interested in getting your DNA done to prove connections, I would love to hear from you.

The results have been entered on our tree at (16-Feb-2013), we'll see if it finds any matches.

Ancestry say this about our y-DNA haplogroup;

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