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Hodges-Bray-Rowe mtDNA Haplogroup U4

Further to my previous posts on our Genetic Genealogy we are now starting to see results on Ronald Sidney Lucas's (Aussie Rhonda's father) maternal line, which were ordered 29-Oct-2012 from FamilyTree DNA.  For those who aren't sure how the tracing of DNA works, the y-DNA follows the father, grandfather, great-grandfather etc, whilst the mtDNA follows the mother, grandmother, great grandmother and onwards.
Here is a chart to explain

Today, the 1st result came in showing that children born of Harry Sydney Lucas (1910-1984) & Lily May Hodges (1915-1976) have Haplogroup U4, which is a subhaplogroup of U.


  • Haplogroup: U4, a subgroup of R
  • Age: 25,000 years
  • Region: Europe, Asia, Northern Africa
  • Populations: Indians, Europeans
  • Highlight: The range of haplogroup U spans three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa.
  • (source:
Following is the mt-haplogroup U4 project located at Geni, which states that the origin of "mt-haplogroup U4 (named 'Ulrike' by Bryan Sykes) has its origin in the Upper Palaeolithic, dating to approximately 25,000 years ago. It is widely distributed in Europe, and has been implicated in the expansion of modern humans into Europe occurring before the Last Glacial Maximum."

It further gives the description of 'Ulrike' from Bryan Sykes;
"The clan of Ulrike is not among the original "Seven Daughters of Eve" clans, but with just under 2% of Europeans among its members, it has a claim to being included among the numerically important clans. Ulrike lived about 18,000 years ago in the cold refuges of the Ukraine at the northern limits of human habitation. Though Ulrike's descendants are nowhere common, the clan is found today mainly in the east and north of Europe with particularly high concentrations in Scandinavia and the Baltic states."

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Note: This result has surprised me, from my research thus far I have placed Lily's maternal ancestors in Cornwall, I'm hoping this lead will move me in the right direction to keep going back in time.

Lily May Lucas (nee Hodges)  (b. 1915, Bourke, NSW, Australia)
|_ Beatrice Victoria Hodges (b. 1899, Bourke, NSW, Australia)
    |_Louisa Leahy (formerly Hodges nee Bray) (b. 1861, St Blazey, Cornwall, Eng)
       |_Maria Pockrandt (formerly Bray nee Rowe) (b. 1843, St Blazey, Cornwall, Eng)
          |_ Elizabeth Rowe (nee Hobba) >  (Recently found via DNA connection and not yet confirmed)


Here we have a migration map from FamilyTreeDNA, showing the migration of all groups.

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