Monday, 30 December 2013

Person: Lily May Lucas nee Hodges (01 Jun 1915 - 30 Dec 1976)

Today is the 37th anniversary of the passing of my paternal grandmother Lily aka Dixie (you guessed it this blog was named after her).  When family pass I am a firm believer of keeping their essence alive and a part of our lives, without them we wouldn't be who we are, so in honouring her memory today I am sharing a snippet of her tree.

It is believed her father is a gent named Harry Jamieson as told to me by my grandfather when I expressed an interest in our family heritage all those years ago.  I am hopeful that one day DNA will be able to shed some light on this or point us in the right direction to fill in this branch for her, I'm hopeful she won't shoot me down for doing this, it's done with love in the heart <3

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

Surname: Melrose DNA Study

As a family group we are interested in tracing our Melrose (and Schofield) origins especially as we have pretty much come to the end of the paper trail from the Australian end.

We are particularly interested to connect with descendants of Thomas Graham Melrose and Anna Horrigan/Harrigan located in Michigan and Canada who would be willing to take a DNA test to compare results.  With the objective to prove or disprove whether the two Thomas Graham Melrose's are indeed one and the same.

There are 5 descendants covering 3 separate lines of descent from the Australian branch of Melrose's via George Melrose & Jane Schofield that have taken autosomal/family finder DNA tests through 23andme to compare with.  We also have our results at

If you would like to join us, please contact me on dna [at] dixie9 dot com or here.

We would also be interested in connecting with the Melrose's of South Australia to see if they are related as well.  We believe they are, we just haven't confirmed how or where ;)

George's DNA Inheritance Chart

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

Friday, 27 December 2013

Genealogy's Star: Flash Drive Disaster -- Genealogists Beware!!!

About two years ago I had spent the day scanning all my folders of certificates and documents, it was an ambitious task, but one that I really wanted to do, at the end of the session I started the eject procedure for the flash drive, but it would not complete, it hung forever to the point I pulled the flash drive out beginning my own demise.. when I popped the flash drive in my home computer it wouldn't register, absolutely nothing could resurrect that little sucker, hours and hours of lost work and a very valuable lesson learned... Some really sound advice here so you don't repeat my mistake,  have a read and learn for your own sanity - Genealogy's Star: Flash Drive Disaster -- Genealogists Beware!!!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Ancestry Composition at 23andme including Split View

Thought I would post my Ancestry Composition according to 23andme.  I'm quiet impatient for the day we can knock out those 'Nonspecific' assignments!

Conservative ancestry composition for Rhonda

Speculative ancestry composition for Rhonda
This one is more interesting!

Standard ancestry composition for Rhonda
This 'standard' chart is is the one shown when you first check your results.


As both Mum and I have been tested I am able to view the Split view, this is the best part of having a parent test especially as in my case my father has been deceased for 14 years, thanks to Mum I am able to view a breakdown of his composition!  To me this is priceless.

Conservative Split view

Speculative Split view

Standard Split view

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Switching genealogy programs is not a fruitful process

I have discovered that my database is a complete and utter mess, switching programs has not been a fruitful process (for me).  Many moons ago I started out with FTM, them moved to Legacy (which I loved), however now I am Macified I went back to FTM and then switched to Reunion. Sadly between the latter two my files are a MESS, not completely corrupted but well on the way. Mainly all to do with my fastidious sourcing which is now swapped around, or attached to the wrong people.  We won't mention the multiples of duplicates from the dreaded TreeSync (FTM).

There is only one thing for it, I am starting afresh.  From scratch. So now is the perfect time to send me through any updates that need doing, or people to add!  I do believe this is going to be a protracted process.

Now to decide, will I do it in FTM Mac or Reunion or purchase a straight out gedcom program and stick totally to gedcom to save corruptions?

Thoughts welcome!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Our McLauchlan and Kelly DNA (mtDNA V)

I would like to share our very first 23andme DNA match.  It's a McLauchlan cousin and the best part is that with this confirmation we can identify the mitochondrial dna as 'V'.  My excitement was barely containable and it turns out I had corresponded with her cousin previously.

We know that Charlotte McLauchlan's mother is Elizabeth Kelly (possibly formerly Wylie), and that she was born in Ireland, no marriage to Charles McLauchlan [McLachlan] has been found to date.  Elizabeth has been names as both Wylie and Kelly various BDM records of her children, which leads me to believe she may have been married previously.

See Elizabeth Kelly's descendant chart below:

Possible spelling variations for the McLauchlan name are:
Mclaughlin, Mclaughlen, Mc Laughlan, Mclaughland, McLaughlane, Mclaughlan, Mclaughler, McLaughley, McLaughlien, Mc Laughlig, Mclaughlihn, Mclaughliln, Mclaughlim, Mc Laughlin, Mc-laughlin, Mclaughlinadam, Mclaughlinarye.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

WikiTree - Our Collaborative Family Tree at

Over the years aka have used various formats for displaying our family tree with the main aim of it being a collaborative tree for all family members old and new to particiapate and grow the tree, branch by branch, limb by limb.   Of recent times, I have been wondering what would happen to all our work when I go to meet our Maker.  I am not a fan of as I object to handing my tree over to them and then have them charge potential family members a fee to find and access the information.  The truth can be said for a lot of other "online tree's" as well.

So, after much discussion with family members we have decided to utilise the wonderful  WikiTree is a 100% free, collaborative project which has been growing since 2008.  As a community the object is to create a single worldwide family tree.

It's as simple as creating a person profile page, setting the privacy levels, adding sources, notes and information.  The beauty is that others can request to co-manage the page, add or correct details and grow the information and grow the profile.  You can privatise a profile so that only 'Trusted' people can view as well.  Click here to see Rhonda's fathers profile.

Feel free to join in and help!  The more the merrier :D

Saturday, 3 August 2013

DNA | How to triangulate matches

For those that are new to DNA and genetic genealogy you will hear the term triangulation a lot, and yes I do this with my matches.  Randy Majors has a fantastic page/tutorial on how to do it.  I use it conjunction with 529andyou, a Google Chrome extension.  These are amazingly helpful and useful tools in forming a picture/pattern with your results and matches. Triangulate to find more meaningful matches using ...: Updated May 8, 2013 with new 23andMe website navigation and match figures: The allure and potential of the latest generation of autosomal...

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lucas and Cummins mitochondrial (mtDNA) | T1a1

A new post on our series in Genetic Genealogy.  Here we will explore my own mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA for short.  mtDNA is inherited by your mother, her mother, grandmother, great grandmother and onwards as depicted in the picture below.  A really good reference can be found at wikipedia. T1a1 is a subclade of T and reportedly of Viking descent.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Blood Relative Surnames of Peggy

A quick surname reference for fellow genetic genealogists who are looking for connections via DNA for Peggy.

Charts updated 26 July 2013 and broken into two groups for ease of use, Maternal (Miller) and Paternal (Cummins).

Saturday, 6 July 2013

DNA Journey with 23andme - getting started

Are you thinking of having a DNA test done to enhance your genealogy?  If so, this is what is called Genetic Genealogy.  Following is what to expect, from my experience.

I started this journey last year when I ordered a test for my paternal Uncle through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), after his results came in I decided to do my own test.  Being a female I needed to do an autosomal relative finder test, so I chose 23andme for a couple of reasons, the first being the medical information that can be obtained and the second was they dropped their price from $299 USD down to $99 USD, even with the mandatory DHL delivery fee it's under $200 AUD.

The whole process can be tracked by logging into your profile and checking your Status box.  There are 6 steps to the process.  Here are the steps my kits took, you'll notice mine went through a second round of analysis and then a replacement test, it took just short of 4 months!

William Jones & Mary Ann Sullivan


Both of these lines came to Australia as Convicts.

William JONES arrived on the "Marquis of Wellington" on 27th January 1815, aged 26, after being convicted for life at the 'Old Bailey' on 12 Jan 1814 for stealing sheep. "The London Chronicle", 15 Jan 1814, 'Report from the Old Bailey' - William Jones was indicted for stealing a sheep, the property of W. Wynne in the neighborhood of Uxbridge about a mile distance from his house. GUILTY. Sentenced to death and commuted to transportation for Life.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Blood Relative Surnames of Rhonda

A quick surname reference for fellow genetic genealogists who are looking for connections via DNA.

Charts updated 26 July 2013 and broken into two groups for ease of use, Maternal (Cummins) and Paternal (Lucas).

Monday, 22 April 2013

Madness Monday - Searching for John Pinkerton and found Mary Brown!

As you can imagine searching for a "Mary Brown" is difficult task in genealogy, and not who I was looking for when I was searching Trove. I had entered "John Pinkerton" and was diligently checking every article, all 18 pages of them, when I stumbled on this selection of prized funeral notices for May Brown!  

I had pretty much thrown Mary Brown nee Cleary into the too hard basket for a bunch of rainy days, and here she pops up, along with every other member of the family in their own notices.  

I also found a sister I didn't know Mary had, a Mrs W. Justin (Margaret Cleary).  Further searching led me to the Cleary family arriving in Australia!  It was a mad, dad of total excitement!

Motto, never give up!  They will eventually come to you when they are ready to reveal themselves.

Family Notices. (1906, October 31). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 16. Retrieved April 19, 2013, from

Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Grandmas and The Grandma Museum

Today I came across a fascinating blog that brought tears to my eyes, it's "The Grandma Museum".
“For the last 28 years, my grandmother has given me objects from her life as gifts. These gifts were more than what might be expected from a grandmother, like costume jewelry and family heirlooms. My grandmother gave me her forks, knives, tablecloths, and pincushions. She gave me watercolor paper and notes with advice. She organized boxes, labeled them, and tied them with homemade string. Over the course of my life my grandmother gave me hers through these gifts. We decided to catalogue these objects to capture a life over two generations, and the broader sentimentality of receiving gifts from a grandmother.”
- Sarah Koik, doubledot cofounder/granddaughter
You can submit your own items from your grandma into the museum, so I'm sitting here thinking what do I have, and sadly realised nought, zip, nada.  You see, my paternal grandmother Nanna Luke as we called her, otherwise born as Lily and nicknamed "Dixie" had already suffered a series of strokes before I came along. Throughout my life she was in a wheel chair and the only words she could say was "nay sauce", believe me that "nay sauce" could be communicated in loving ways, angry ways and insistent ways and her smile was priceless.  I don't recall receiving any gifts from her personally, only priceless memories.

My maternal grandmother, known as "Nan" (Jean Lewis) was not hugely involved in our lives, just sporadic visits on holiday weekends maybe once a year.  I definitely did not receive any hand me downs or gifts from her personally.  Although I have one very distinct memory of visiting her at Dingo Creek, out the back Wingham in a little cottage.  When we pulled up she was sitting on the step plucking ticks from her dingo dog and she said, "what took you so long, I expected you ages ago"! Amazing considering neither of us had phones to communicate with!  It, was a wonderful weekend for me, she had this monstrous feather and down bed and it was the comfiest thing I had ever laid on.  It was the first time I had ever milked a cow or drank fresh cows milk with cream, I gagged being a city girl!  I dearly wish I could remember all the stories she told me that weekend.

Sometimes in life we don't get handed physical connections from our grandparents, only priceless memories we hold dear to our hearts and sometimes we remember them with clarity. Cherish every single moment that is given you.

I hope my children in years to come will remember with glee all the treasures that have been given to them by their grandparents and their maternal grandmother in particular, that they cherish every single memory with complete and utter awe knowing they were dearly loved.

Mum, I sincerely believe we have balanced that karmic debt and broken the cycle, we should be very proud!

Thursday, 28 February 2013


Please take a look at the following post and help us to save headstones that are being removed from Western Australia cemeteries. Tell your friends!


This is dear to my heart as some of Mum's birth family are located in Karrakatta and Fremantle Cemeteries, it would be devastating to lose the only physical connection we have to them!

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board have updated the cover photograph for their website stating that there has been '30 years of respectful implimentation of the renewal program'.

Please visit the facebook page to read newspaper articles and look at photographs that reflect what is taking place.

Please consider voicing your opinion by signing the petition.

TWITTER users follow Saving Graves WA on Twitter @savinggraveswa

'via Blog this'

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lucas from Scotland Y-DNA Results

Further to my earlier post "Journeying into genetic genealogy", results are starting to come in on my paternal "Lucas" Y-DNA test with Family Tree DNA.

The Results are:

Y-DNA = R1b1a2 with the shorthand code of R-M269.  

The 37 marker test hasn't revealed any close matches which is disappointing.  There were a couple of hopefuls, but there is no way to contact the people listed as they have their profile set to private, frustrating!

I have the joined two projects in the hope of finding matches:
Lucas Project:
Scottish Project:

The mtDNA is due in next.

Since my previous post, 23andme has reduced the price of there genetic test to $99 USD, delivery to Australia is $74.95 USD.  I had no intention of getting my own DNA done, but I have decided to do so.  So last Monday (4 Feb 2013) I ordered a test kit, it turned up today!  Considering the kit from  Family Tree DNA took over 4 weeks to arrive, the delivery time on this one was OUTSTANDING!  I know of one Melrose cousin who has her test with 23andme so it will be interesting to compare notes when the result is in.

If you are connected to the family in anyway, and are interested in getting your DNA done to prove connections, I would love to hear from you.

The results have been entered on our tree at (16-Feb-2013), we'll see if it finds any matches.

Ancestry say this about our y-DNA haplogroup;

Cornelius Leahy & Margaret Manly


From what I have established so far the Leahy's and Manl(e)y's appear to have immigrated to South Australia from Ireland.

Cornelius and Margaret were married 3 Oct 1858 at Mt Barker, South Australia, his father was Denis Leahy and her father was Edward Manely.  At some stage following their marriage they travelled through Victoria to the Wilcannia area in NSW were Cornelius worked as a horse breaker and teamster, I believe for the Cobb & Co Coach Company.

Hodges-Bray-Rowe mtDNA Haplogroup U4

Further to my previous posts on our Genetic Genealogy we are now starting to see results on Ronald Sidney Lucas's (Aussie Rhonda's father) maternal line, which were ordered 29-Oct-2012 from FamilyTree DNA.  For those who aren't sure how the tracing of DNA works, the y-DNA follows the father, grandfather, great-grandfather etc, whilst the mtDNA follows the mother, grandmother, great grandmother and onwards.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Kiva Commemorative Loan in memory of Joan Miller

I read with sadness that Joan Miller of Luxegen Genealogy passed away on 4 Jan 2013.  Joan was co-captain (with Judy Webster) of Genealogists for Families, a Kiva lending team that I belong to.  Her daughter Heather has asked that loans be made via Kiva in Joan's memory.

So, in memory of Joan my 10th Kiva loan will be a commemorative loan to her.

If you would like to help a worthy cause, please join our group, we would love to have you onboard we have 225 members and to date we have made donations to the value of $40,350, how wonderful is that?

R.I.P. Joan!