Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Nowra General Cemetery – Revocation of Rights of Burial prior to 1 January 1946

Today I received my copy of the "Shoalhaven Bereavement Services Newsletter Sept 2009" and wish to draw your attention to the following document, especially if you have ancestors or family buried there before 1 January 1946.

"Nowra General Cemetery – Revocation of Rights of Burial In accordance with a resolution of Shoalhaven City Council adopted 2 March 2007 and provisions under Clause 34 - Revocation of Exclusive Rights Of Burial of the “Crown Lands (General Reserves) By-law 2006”, notice is given of the possible revocation of Rights of Burial issued in Nowra Cemetery prior to 1 January 1946. The proposal affects only grave plots that DO NOT contain burials. The grave plot allocations that have been identified for this purpose are shown below. Affected Right of Burial holders can secure their entitlement for a further sixty (60) years by contacting Shoalhaven Bereavement Services before 12 March 2010. For more information and advice on how to claim or renew a Right of Burial or how to be compensated if your Right of Burial is revoked, please contact Shoalhaven Bereavement Services Ph (02) 4421 6355, Fax (02) 4429 5951 -"

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