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The George Robert Miller Debate

Is there 1, 2 or 3 of them?

I have created this page in the hope that fellow Miller researcher's will have a read and forward any opinion's or clues they may have on the subject of "George Robert Miller", or better yet add your comments below for other's to see them as well.

Laid out below are tables, the first being the children of what appears to be 1 family of George &/or George Robert Miller & Mary Ann??? The second is of my ancestor's George Robert Miller & Mary Ann Brown formerly Jones. Below these I have laid out ideas and notes, please browse through them. Anything you may wish to add to the argument please forward to me via email or add your comment at the bottom of the page

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George Robert Miller married Mary Anne LYNCH 30/1/1837 (M1837/1826-21), both free, witnessed by Margaret Lynch, Joseph Henry Winchester.
Mary Ann Miller died 20/2/1849 (D1849/323-117), aged 27, arrived Marq. Wellington. Occ. Innkeeper.

George Robert Miller married Harriet COOPER 25/6/1849 (V1849/735-79), listed as a Bachelor. Witnesses were Thomas Miller (his brother) of Hobart Town & William Wade of Maitland.

Harriet Miller died 4/5/1851 - at the White Conduit House Inn, aged 19 yrs + 4 months, Wife of George Miller. (D/notice in Maitland Mercury 7-5-1851).

The witness here, I believe is Thomas Tringham Miller, George Robert’s brother who was married in Tasmania in 1845 to Mary Ann Usher (M1567-7) at Hobart Town. On Thomas’ death certificate in 1893, Marion Horne (Mary Ann nee Brown) stated that Thomas had been in the colony of NSW for 20 years. She also mistakenly said that his father was her step father George Robert Miller.

George Robert Miller married Mary Ann BROWN 21/8/1854 (M1854/70-81), witnessed by Mary Jane & Frances Blain (minister’s wife).
George Robert Miller died 1883 (D1883-8261). Informant: Henry Miller, son.
Issue: Henry 30, Charles 28, William 26.
No mention of previous marriage.
Mary Ann Miller formerly BROWN nee JONES died 1897 (D1897-3). Informant: Henry Miller, son.
1st marriage: Mary Ann Brown 49
2nd marriage: Henry 43, Charles, 41, William 35; 2 females deceased (should be males i.e. Frederick & David . * If I was a child to any of the above I would have been confused regarding my mothers maiden name!! No doubt it was no different then, although why Henry and Charles put Singleton is beyond me, especially when Mary Jones was still alive, unless George played up with yet another Mary Ann??
*** In 1849 when Mary Ann Lynch died, George would have found it hard raising 5 or 6 children on his own so would have promptly remarried, then his 2nd wife Harriet died 2 years later. He probably persevered with the help of family ad friends and then married for the third time to Mary Ann Jones.

****** Another point worth noting is that there is a diary/birthday book "The Birthday Book of Fate" in the possession of Roma Waldron that belonged to an Evelyn Amanda Elizabeth King who was the daughter of Elizabeth Miller (from the first marriage above) and Reuben King. This book mentions the following details among many other's:

1. Aunt Miller died 4 Aug 1886 at 12.04am. No idea who this is.
2. George Robert Miller born 13th May 1815 (2 years out s/be 1813).
3. Thomas Miller born 11 June 1811.

4. Saw Mrs M A Miller 13 March 1895, Wednesday 9pm train, West end of Tamworth.

5. Elizabeth King born 4 Feb 1847.

Before this information presented itself I was leaning towards several different George & Mary's but now I am narrowed down to the possibility of 2 myself.
Bare in mind that Evelyn is the daughter of Elizabeth & Reuben King.
Elizabeth being the daughter of George Robert Miller & Mary Ann ? (HILL according to death cert.) Now, George Robert Miller Jnr b. circa 1843 with no birth certificate to provide details has stated at his marriage that his parents were George Robert Miller & Mary Ann HILL.
Caroline Priscilla has no mother mentioned for marriage or death.
Thomas' parents are George & Mary Ann at birth BUT George Robert & Mary Ann GIBB at marriage and George Robert & Mary Ann DELISER at death. Go figure on that one.
Throw Jane in for good measure with George Robert and Mary Ann NORMAN stated on her death.

In all of the above instances the'Robert' is the key I believe. I also believe that George may have done his apprenticeship as a 'Carpenter/Cabinetmaker' and yes I personally would include Upholsterer as Carpenter i.e. once you have made a chair you then upholster it. Even though he ventured into Innkeeping his TRADE or CALLING was always Cabinetmaker.


1. George Miller & Mary Ann NORMAN
( Robert also mentioned here)
2. George Miller & Mary Ann (GIBB & DELISER; Robert also mentioned here)
3. George Robert Miller & Mary Ann HILL

??? Has anybody searched for a copy of the marriage
license for Jane Miller & William Jones?

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