Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Marco Family aka Millers

Our Miller and related families had strong ties to the world of 'travelling entertainers' as showman, acrobats, sideshow, circus and even a snakeman. In fact the family is still represented within the business today!

Charlie Miller (1894-1949) was apparently known as the 'Snakeman' around Bingara. Charlie and Emily nee Davis (his wife) were also known as the 'Marco's' within the circuit.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

William C Johnson & Mary Ellen Reeves

John JOHNSON and Elizabeth Smyth

The Johnson family were predominately based around Tamworth and Manilla in New South Wales. As you can see I have very little information on them, are you the person to help us out?

Heather's mother died when she was a lass and she was sent to an orphanage, during her youth she had contact with her mother's family and has fond memories of them, more so than her father's family, which the Johnson's are.

Updated 24 Jan 2015
Because Heather is still with us at 94, 95 this year, I thought it prudent to get her DNA done, to start with I purchased Family Finder, as I have no direct need for mtDNA I will not be upgrading it at this time, however to assist family members, should you wish to upgrade her kit she is part of our "Family Project" and you are welcome to make a donation to her kit to upgrade it, here is the link:

Heather's Family Finder DNA kit is up on Gedmatch, her number is F353615.