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William Lucas & Anna Speir

My paternal Lucas branch has been transplanted on Australian soil for 8 generations to date and I have found three brothers making a fresh start here (so far). They were Daniel, the eldest and first to arrive @ 1881 then William and his family along with his youngest brother James in 1885. The brothers appeared to follow in the family tradition of being iron moulders with Daniel having his own company 'Bird & Lucas Pty Ltd' located in the Forest Lodge, Glebe area, Sydney. The company was de-registered in 1985. If anybody has any connection or knowledge of this company I would love to hear from you as I would like to know what they made!

During the journey Mary Jane gave birth to their first son Andrew. They then had another son David John (my great grandfather) on 14th February 1887.
Tragedy struck the family two years and two months after settling in their new home, William passed over of Typhoid fever on 21st April 1887. Sadly young Andrew also succumbed to Typhoid fever during 1890 at the tender age of five.
Mary Jane never remarried and passed over on 29th October 1942, she is buried with her husband and son at 'Waverley Cemetery' in Sydney, NSW.
When we were in Sydney during January 2001 we found the grave and there is still a simple headstone marking the site.
This Lucas line does NOT connect with Nathaniel Lucas a First Fleeter to Australia.

My great great grandfather William LUCAS married Mary Jane YOUNG on 15 June 1883 at 43 Madeira St, Leith, in the County of Edinburgh, Scotland. They gave birth to their first child, a daughter Jessie during 1883. William followed in his father's footsteps as an Iron moulder and they sailed towards Sydney from Plymouth on the 'S.S. Gulf of Venice' and arrived on 3rd February 1885.

(Persons in bold are my direct ancestors)

1-William LUCAS b. Abt 1765-1768, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
+Anna SPEIR b. 1761, Greenfoot, Sorn, Ayr, Sct
|--2-Daniel LUCAS b. 1789, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1867, Catrine, Ayr, Sct
|   +Agnes PATON b. 1790, Paisley,Renfrew, Sct, d. 1873, Catrine, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Anne LUCAS b. 1817, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct 
|  |--3-Agnes LUCAS b. 1819, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1893, Irvine, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Helen LUCAS c. 1821, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Amelia Hamilton LUCAS b. 1823, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Andrew LUCAS b. 1826, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1897, South Leith, Edinburgh, Sct
|  |   +Charlotte McLAUCHLAN b. Abt 1828, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d.  1896, Leith, Edinburgh,Midlothian, Sct
|  |  |--4-Daniel LUCAS b. 1849, Sorn,Ayr, Sct, d. 1921, Marrickville, NSW, Aus
|  |  |   +Julia Florence WILSON b. 1864, Nsw, Aus, d. 1941, Marrickville, NSW, Aus
|  |  |--4-Elizabeth LUCAS b. 1853, Sorn,Ayr, Sct, d. Bef 1943
|  |  |--4-William LUCAS b. 1855, Sorn,Ayr, Sct, d. 1887, Redfern, NSW, AUS
|  |  |   +Mary Jane YOUNG b.1860, South Leith, Midlothian, Sct, d. 1942, Waterloo, NSW, Aus
|  |  |  |--5-Jessie LUCAS b. 1883, Leith South, Edinburgh, Sct, d. 1961, Sydney, NSW, Aus
|  |  |  |   +James NEWMAN b. 1883, Sydney, NSW, Aus, d. Mar 1962, Sydney, NSW, Aus
|  |  |  |--5-Andrew LUCAS b. 1885, Lat 41.08S, Lon 101.40E, d. 1890, Sydney, NSW, Aus
|  |  |  |--5-David John LUCAS b. 1887, Alexandria, NSW, AUS, d. 1958, Liverpool, NSW, Aus
|  |  |      +Gertrude Clara PINKERTON b. 1890, Sydney, NSW, Aus, d. 1931, Little Bay, Nsw, Aus
|  |  |     |--6-David William LUCAS b. 1908, Sydney, NSW, Aus, d. 1997, Qld, Aus
|  |  |     |--6-Harry Sidney LUCAS b. 1910, Sydney, NSW, Aus, d. 1984, Concord, NSW, Aus
|  |  |     |--6-Matthew James LUCAS b. 1913, Sydney, NSW, Aus, d. 8 Jan 1989, Sydney, NSW, Aus
|  |  |     |--6-John Frederick LUCAS b. 1915, Sydney, NSW, Aus, d. 5 Jun 1998, Brisbane, Qld, Aus
|  |  |     |--6-Selina Mary LUCAS b. 1917, Sydney, NSW, Aus, d. 20 Jul 2007, Sydney, NSW, Aus
|  |  |     |--6-William George LUCAS b. 1919, Sydney, NSW, Aus, d. 28 Jul 1989, Sydney, NSW, Aus
|  |  |     |--6-Gertrude Clara (Peggy) LUCAS b. 1922, d. 1971
|  |  |     |--6-Living
|  |  |--4-Agnes Paton LUCAS b. 1857, Dalkeith,Midlothian, Sct, d. 1938, Auburn, NSW, Aus
|  |  |   +Alexander CURRIE b. 1856, Leith, Edinburgh,Midlothian, Sct
|  |  |--4-Andrew Paton LUCAS b. 1860, Dalkeith,Midlothian, Sct, d. 1894, Lasswade, Midlothian, Sct
|  |  |   +Jessie HILL b.1858, Perth, Perthshire, Sct, d. 1 Oct 1901, Saint Giles, Edinburgh, Sct
|  |  |--4-Charlotte McLaughlin LUCAS b. 1861, Dalkeith,Midlothian, Sct, d. 1943, Ashfield, NSW, Aus
|  |  |   +Robert William KNIGHT b. 1857, Leith, Edinburgh,Midlothian, Sct, d. 1943, Granville, Nsw, Aus
|  |  |--4-Helen LUCAS b. 1863, Dalkeith,Midlothian, Sct, d. 1929, Stronsay, Orkney, Sct
|  |  |   +Peter TWATT b. 1869, Stronsay, Orkeny Islands, Sct
|  |  |--4-James LUCAS b. 1866, Dalkeith,Midlothian, Sct, d. 1919, Rookwood, NSW, Aus
|  |  |--4-Marion Wallace LUCAS b. 1871, Dalkeith,Midlothian, Sct, d. 1934, Five Dock, NSW, Aus
|  |      +Thomas Richard LAING d. 1937, Five Dock, NSW, Aus
|  |--3-Janet LUCAS b. 1829, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|--2-John LUCAS b. Abt 1791, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|--2-Robert LUCAS b. Abt 1791, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1864, Kilmarnock,Ayr, Sct
|   +Elizabeth GOLDIE b. Abt 1791, Stair,Ayr, Sct, d. Bef 1819, Stair, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Anne LUCAS b. 1813, Stair,Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Thomas LUCAS b. 1816, Stair,Ayr, Sct, d. 1878
|--2-Anne LUCAS b. 1792, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|--2-John LUCAS b. 1796, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1869, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|   +Janet CAMPBELL b. 1801, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1869, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Margaret Campbell LUCAS b. 1822, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1824, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Anne LUCAS b. 1824, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1884, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Margaret Campbell LUCAS b. 1826, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1843, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Jean LUCAS b. 1827, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1847
|  |--3-William LUCAS b. 1829, d. 1829
|  |--3-Grezel LUCAS b. 1829, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1829, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-William LUCAS b. 1831, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1838, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-John LUCAS b. 1834, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1903, Richmond, SRY, Eng
|  |--3-Helen LUCAS b. 1836, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1857, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Janet LUCAS b. 1838, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1842, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-William LUCAS b. 1841, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1903, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Allan James LUCAS b. 1845, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1911, Richmond, SRY, Eng
|  |--3-Alexander LUCAS b. 1851, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|--2-Thomas LUCAS b. 1797, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1878, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|   +Margaret MARR
|--2-Anne LUCAS b. 1798
|--2-Janet LUCAS b. 1799, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1862, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|   +William CRAWFORD b. Abt 1800
|  |--3-William CRAWFORD b. 1825, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|  |--3-Ann CRAWFORD b. 1828, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|--2-Alexander LUCAS b. 1803, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1890
+Catherine CRAWFORD b. 1803, Cumnock,Ayr, Sct, d. 1890
|--3-William LUCAS b. 1823, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct
|--3-Andrew Crawford LUCAS b. 1825, (Mauchline, Ayr, Sct)
|--3-Margaret Wilson LUCAS b. 1828, Mauchline, Ayr, Sct, d. 1910
|--3-Ann LUCAS b. 1830, (Mauchline, Ayr, Sct)
|--3-Catherine LUCAS b. 1834, Ayrshire, Sct
|--3-Jane LUCAS b. 1836, Ayrshire, Sct
|--3-Alexander LUCAS b. 1839, Ayrshire, Sct, d. 1897
|--3-Andrew Crawford LUCAS b. 1840, Ayrshire, Sct
|--3-John LUCAS b. 1842, Ayrshire, Sct, d. 1850
|--3-Elizabeth Kennedy LUCAS b. 1844, Ayrshire, Sct

Peter Bolton is a descendant of Allan James Lucas (1845).
Peter has a presence at the Family Tree Maker Site – "Bolton - A Page in History
[peter@{no Spam}]

James Pinkerton & Mary Ann Pollock

Speir's School

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  1. wow you have done wonderful job,its so nice and laid out clear,well done.
    was looking to see if i could find info on MARY ANNE YOUNG who was married at campbell town tasmania to thomas westlake in about 1859,they were my gggggrandparents.

  2. Thank you for the kind words eane, I don't have a Mary Anne Young in our family at this stage, where does yours hail from?

    I notice there is no indications from the Tas site of where she comes from; have you found her death yet?

    Gender: Male
    Marriage/Relationship: 1859 - CAMPBELL TOWN,Tasmania ( YOUNG, MARY ANNE ) [@]

    300446 WESTLAKE VIRTUOUS 1859
    300447 WESTLAKE MARY JANE 1861
    300444 WESTLAKE MARTHA 1867
    300443 WESTLAKE JAMES 1869

    Good luck with your search, Rhonda

  3. Michelle Brownlea5 March 2008 at 09:11

    Thomas Murrat Westlake is my gg-grandfather. I only discovered this recently, and have been trying to find out more information about the family. I was very excited to read your post. I'd be happy to exchange information with you if you like.

    1. Hi michelle are you still researching about thomas murrat westlake an the family tree

    2. Hi michelle are you still researching about thomas murrat westlake an the family tree

    3. I found information on Thomas Murrat Westlake's grandparents who hail from Crediton, UK. Thomas, the father of Murrat Westlake was sent to Tasmania as a convict for burglary in 1843. He was born c.1821 to a James & Martha Westlake. Trying to find out what Martha's maiden name was. They seemed to have had children at an older age 45-52.

  4. This is a shot n the dark but I am doing research on my father's side of the family . An all I have to go on is the name last name Lucas in the states. They owned land with oil on it and slaves many years ago. Just recently I went to Australia on holiday and felt very at home in Sydney and Melbourne . While there I saw drag racing on t.v. and saw the Lucas last name sponsoring one of the cars . It was Lucas Oil and it got me looking for possible Aussie roots. Maybe the family split and one of the brother's went to America from Scotland . Any info would be awesome.

    Thank you
    Stephanie Jackson