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Who was Henry Gustavus Pockrandt?

Tonight I was answering an email in relation to my Hodges family - which is really my Leahy family, this in turn prompted me to run a search on Pockrandt's yet again. You would think with the name Pockrandt it would be easy to trace! Think again... This would certainly be right up there in my 'hard to trace' branches.

You see, my GGG Grandmother born Anna Maria Rowe c. 1843 in England somehow ended up in Australia with her daughter Louisa Bray born 1861, St Blazey, Cornwall, whether Anna's husband Willian 'John' Bray was with her or not is yet to be determined. I have not found any other children born to the Bray's nor have I been successful in finding the deaths of William John, Henry or Anna. However I have found the following:

Descendants of Henry Gustav(us) POCKRANDT

1-Henry Gustavus POCKRANDT b. Cir 1845-1847, Germany, d. 1883-1897, Aus
+Anna Maria ROWE aka BRAY b. Cir 1843, England, d. After 1898 (no marriage found)
. . 2-Male POCKRANDT (no birth found, but could be the Stephen Shcultz/Pockran listed below)
. . 2-Male POCKRANDT d. Bef 1883
. . 2-Lillie May POCKRANDT b. Cir 1878, Cobar, , NSW, Aus, d. 1944, Kogarah, , NSW, Aus
. . +James Cyril WILSON b. 1874, Sydney, , NSW, Aus
. . . . 3-Male WILSON b. 1897, Bourke, , NSW, Aus, d. 1897, Bourke, , NSW, Aus
. . . . 3-Male WILSON b. 1897, Bourke, , NSW, Aus, d. 1897, Bourke, , NSW, Aus
. . +Ernest Arthur WRIGHT d. 1950, Concord, , NSW, Aus
. . . . 3-Jack WRIGHT b. 1906, Redfern, NSW, AUS, d. 1958, Newtown, NSW, Aus
. . 2-Emma POCKRANDT b. 1877, Darling River, NSW, Aus, d. 1894, Bourke, , NSW, Aus
. . 2-Clarence Ernest Henry POCKRANDT b. 1883, Barringun, NSW, AUS, d. 1890, Bourke, , NSW, Aus

I do believe that Henry Gustavus Pockrandt above is the same chap that was Naturalised in Australia in 1914.

On his Application for certificate of Naturalisation he states:
I Heinrich Gustavus Pockrandt of 'Nuntherungil(sic) Station, White Cliffs'
I am by birth a German Subject
I arrived in Australia from Hamburg on the first day of August, 1864 per the Helene and disembarked Brisbane, Qld.
Since my arrival I have resided in NSW for 40 years, in Qld for 5 years and in South Australia for 5 years (this would be where he met my 3rd G Grandmother).

The thing that throws me is whether he is in fact the same person is that he states that he was single and that he has no children on the application! But how many Henry Gustav Pockrandt's could there be?

Oh and on his Statutory Declaration he states his name as Heinrich Gustav Pockrandt, his birth as 5 Oct 1847 at Schalauke in the Province of Po??s in the Country of Germany. (Sorry I am just not familiar with the area, maybe someone could help me out here?)
NB Po??s looks like Poses.

I have found another family group that appears to NOT be related, however Stephen 'could' be the missing first son in the above group as a witness at the marriage is none other than Averilda Bray who is the grand-daughter of the Anna Maria Bray nee Rowe who Henry hooked up with, I say hooked up with because I have not been able to find a marriage or a death for either of them. However the dates don't match up, he could be a nephew?

I find it interesting that Stephen Pockran, when he married Mary Bowes in 1912 is listed as Stephen Shultz, known ashen Shultz Stephen Pockran (altered from Stephen Schultz) and his mother is listed as unknown. It states he was born at sea which could mean that his mother died on the voyage whilst giving birth. I just did another broader search for Stephen's birth and it appears someone else is doing the family tree as he is registered in the the indexes at I calculate he was born about 1887 and registered in 2005... that is a hoot!  Come forth the person doing his genealogy and help me out.


Descendants of Stephen SCHULTZ
1-Stephen SCHULTZ b. Cir 1848, d. 1912, Forbes, , NSW, Aus
...2-Stephen POCKRAN b. @1887, At Sea, d. 1962, Goulburn, , NSW, Aus
+Mary Ada BOWES b. @ 1889, Newcastle, , NSW, Aus, d. 1958, Gosford, , NSW, Aus
......3-Hilda E POCKRAN
......3-Stephen John POCKRAN b. 1914, Newtown, NSW, Aus, d. 1990, Sydney, , NSW, Aus
+Thelma Frances HEARN d. 1991, Sydney, , New South Wales, Australia
......3-Norman Godfrey POCKRAN b. 1918, Camperdown, NSW, Aus, d. 1972, Newtown, NSW, Aus
......3-Patricia Lillian POCKRAN
+Alfred George MOORE
......3-Kevin Christopher POCKRAN b. 1937, d. 1938, Annandale, NSW, AUS
......3-Douglas Arthur POCKRAN d. 1968, Penrith, , NSW, Aus
+Dulcie Mary GOODWIN d. 1972, Penrith, , NSW, Aus

To solve this mystery I think finding the shipping transcript for the Helene-1864 is a priority.
Finding out what ship Stephen arrived on about 1887.

Getting that birth certificate for Stephen to see if it reveals anything new.

If you have a connection, PLEASE contact me :)

Any help, advice or suggestions would be merrily received.

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