Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cummins and Miller Family

This book is dedicated to all those fellow researcher's in my mother's birth family - hence the 'maternal' category. If you haven't been here before or know us, my mother Peggy was adopted. We have no past personal historical history with this line except what we have learnt from our massive network of family members. Along the way we have met and maintained relationships with cousin Toni in WA (Miller family), cousin Tim in Qld (Melrose family), cousin Sue (Melrose family), cousin Fay (Fritchley/Saich famiy), Gail (Mundy family).

Along the way we are gathering a massive internet family to whom we also acknowledge through this book, without you all, we would not have the information or family grounding that we have today. So, thank you!


CUMMINS, Burke, Davis, Fritchley, Halliday, Hamilton, Irvine, Jones, Matthews, Miller, Melrose, Mundy, Prisk, Schofield, Sullivan, Wilkinson, Young

Here we have the maternal lineage, which is broken into several groups again, please check the pedigree chart below to help guide you along the way, the links for the family groups can be found underneath this



It’s kind of a misnomer calling this section Cummins as there is no history to be found or connected for this branch. The history in this section is of Ada May’s family, Hamilton/Fritchley.




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