Monday, 11 February 2008

Craft and Johnson Family

Welcome to our CRAFT GENEALOGY

This book incorporates the maternal and paternal line of John Craft ie Andrew John CRAFT and Heather Irene JOHNSON, it is being pursued for our daughter Georgina Craft who has taken an interest in her heritage and has even done a school assignment on Matthew James Everingham, ah how easy was that when mum had all the info?!



Brickman, CRAFT, Everingham, Goodwin, Mitchell, Robinson, Woodbury

Joseph CRAFT b. c 1770, London, England


Hatch, JOHNSON, Lancaster, Reeves, Shaw

Isaac LANCASTER m. 1848 Hunter District, NSW to Mary Anne Rachel SHAW

Acknowledgement: I started the Johnson/Lancaster line a few years ago to help my then m-i-l Heather try and locate some of her family who she had lost touch with many years ago. Through posts in the genealogy boards I connected with several Lancaster descendants, two I would like to acknowledge here, Susan Organ and Glynis Wheeler, they both have been a wealth of information and have generously shared their Lancaster family history with me for which I say thank you.

Updated 24 Jan 2015
Because Heather is still with us at 94, 95 this year, I thought it prudent to get her DNA done, to start with I purchased Family Finder, as I have no direct need for mtDNA I will not be upgrading it at this time, however to assist family members, should you wish to upgrade her kit she is part of our "Family Project" and you are welcome to make a donation to her kit to upgrade it, here is the link:

Heather's Family Finder DNA kit is up on Gedmatch, her number is F353615.

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William C JOHNSON m. 1901 Gunnedah, NSW to Mary Ellen REEVES

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  1. Hi there I am a direct decendant of Joe Craft Snr and im researching connections on the central coast area.Im not sure whih child is my direct decendant as yet.
    Wayne Craft.