Monday, 18 February 2008

William Lucas & Anna Speir

My paternal Lucas branch has been transplanted on Australian soil for 8 generations to date and I have found three brothers making a fresh start here (so far). They were Daniel, the eldest and first to arrive @ 1881 then William and his family along with his youngest brother James in 1885. The brothers appeared to follow in the family tradition of being iron moulders with Daniel having his own company 'Bird & Lucas Pty Ltd' located in the Forest Lodge, Glebe area, Sydney. The company was de-registered in 1985. If anybody has any connection or knowledge of this company I would love to hear from you as I would like to know what they made!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Craft and Johnson Family

Welcome to our CRAFT GENEALOGY

This book incorporates the maternal and paternal line of John Craft ie Andrew John CRAFT and Heather Irene JOHNSON, it is being pursued for our daughter Georgina Craft who has taken an interest in her heritage and has even done a school assignment on Matthew James Everingham, ah how easy was that when mum had all the info?!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Bebeannah Reeves and Bridget Clarke

This chart is a new addition the Craft Genealogy Section covering the Lancaster Branch - more of Heather's and Gina's ancestors.

It has been compiled purely from NSW BDM Indexes and the Australian Cemetery Indexes, it is definitely open to corrections, additions and adjustments, I was seriously fascinated with the name Bebeannah which is what got me started! Anybody know the history of it? Please come forward.

Bibiana was born about 1823 apparently at Valapariaso, Chile.

There is speculation that he arrived in Australia from Chile on the John Barry which was captained by Robson and sailed from Valparaiso 26th Dec. 1839, sailed from Tahiti 21st Feb. 1840 and arrived at Port Jackson 26th Mar. 1840 with a cargo of 19 mules and 2 asses (11 mules died on the voyage). Three Chilean 'huasos' were steerage passengers to drive the mules, were under a 1 year contract with the Australian Agriculture Co. through Alexander Caldeugh of Santiago and John Bernard. Personally, I have not found anything to confirm this, although I have posted on a few old forum boards to see if I can confirm sources.

Updated 2 Nov 2016: Sadly, Heather is no longer with us, I am very grateful I thought it prudent enough to get her DNA done, to start with I purchased Family Finder, as I have no direct need for mtDNA I will not be upgrading it at this time, however to assist family members, should you wish to upgrade her kit she is part of our "Family Project" and you are welcome to make a donation to her kit to upgrade it, here is the link: Heather's Family Finder DNA kit is up on Gedmatch, her number is T148000.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Who was Henry Gustavus Pockrandt?

Tonight I was answering an email in relation to my Hodges family - which is really my Leahy family, this in turn prompted me to run a search on Pockrandt's yet again. You would think with the name Pockrandt it would be easy to trace! Think again... This would certainly be right up there in my 'hard to trace' branches.

George Robert Miller & Mary Ann Jones


How the Millers came to be in Australia we still haven't discovered!!!

Maybe they swam???

This is definitely one of my brick walls!

From detective work thus far I believe that George & his brother Thomas arrived via Tasmania as Thomas resided, married and had children there. After his wife's death he moved to Bingara, NSW to live near his brother George.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Alexander Farrell and Mary Agnes Bradshaw

This is my grandmothers family, a cousin from Kempsey has told me they are Daingatti (Dainggatti), from the research I had done I thought they were Biripi as Nan was born at the Railway Reserve, Walcha. If anybody can help me out with this, I would gladly receive your advice or assistance.

Peter Mundy and Jane Prisk


Peter MUNDY & a pregnant Jane Mundy nee PRISK with their two children Samuel and Jane were the first to arrive in Sydney, Australia on 13th November 1848 onboard the 'General Hewitt'.
The 'General Hewitt' was an agricultural ship which left Plymouth on 12th Aug 1848. From the shipping records we find that both Peter and Jane could read & write and were in good health, below is an extract from the shipping records.