Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Winifred (Elizabeth) Burke

Winifred married twice so I have included a chart here which includes her descendant's only

Descendants of Winifred (Elizabeth) FRITCHLEY Formerly SAICH m/s BURKE

1-Winifred (Elizabeth) BURKE b. Cir 1823, Galway, Ire, d. 1897, Granville, Nsw, Aus
+Richard Fisher NEWTON FRITCHLEY c. 1813, Radford, Nottingham, Eng, d. 1897, Parramatta, NSW, Aus
|--2-Elizabeth FRITCHLEY b. 1851, Nsw, Aus, d. 1863, Sydney, NSW, Aus
|--2-Richard Newton FRITCHLEY b. 1852, bur. 1931, Toowong, Qld, Aus
| +Annie SMITH
| |--3-Hilda Clyde FRITCHLEY b. 1879, Wardell, NSW, AUS
|--2-Edward FRITCHLEY b. 1854, Nsw, Aus, d. 1865, Hartley, NSW, Aus
|--2-Matilda FRITCHLEY b. 1857, Hartley, NSW, Aus, d. 1935, Taree, NSW, Aus
| +John Adam HAMILTON b. Abt 1842-1844, Ireland, d. 1888, Parramatta, NSW, Aus
| |--3-George J HAMILTON d. 1881, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--3-John Ballentine HAMILTON b. 1874, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Annie W HAMILTON b. 1876, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Mary E HAMILTON b. 1878, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Ada Mary HAMILTON b. 1881, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1952, Little Bay, Nsw, Aus
| |--3-William H HAMILTON b. 1883, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Edward James HAMILTON b. 1885, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1968, Burwood, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Arthur Hugh HAMILTON b. 1886, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| +Cornelius Carl E VANDERDOES d. 1893, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Ivy Pearl VANDERDOES b. 1891, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1976, Campsie, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Carl E VANDERDOES b. 1893, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1893, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| +Samuel Foxwell Terrence MATTHEWS b. Abt 1838, Coleford, Gloucestshire, Eng, d. 1911, Lyndhurst, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Florence Helena MATTHEWS b. 1894, Stuart Town, NSW, Aus, d. 1984, Taree, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Frederick Carl MATTHEWS b. 1897, Wellington, NSW, Aus, d. 1978
|--2-George Patrick FRITCHLEY b. 1860, Hartley, NSW, Aus
| +Annie RODGERS
|--2-Mary Jane FRITCHLEY b. 1862, Hartley, NSW, Aus, d. 1960, Cambrian Hill, Vic, Aus
+Robert James CRANE b. 1862, Glen Osmond, SA, Aus, d. 1945, Mooroopna, Vic, Aus
|--3-Horace Henry CRANE b. 1882, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1957, Parkdale, Vic, Aus
|--3-Joseph Irwin CRANE b. 1883, Campbelltown, NSW, Aus
|--3-Florance Maude Elizabeth CRANE b. 1884, West Maitland, NSW, Aus, d. 1935, Prahran, Vic, Aus
|--3-Ethel Agnes CRANE b. 1886, Orange, NSW, Aus, d. 1934, St Arnaud, Vic, Aus
|--3-Robert W CRANE b. 1891, Orange, NSW, Aus
|--3-Esther Mary CRANE b. 1893, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus
|--3-Beatrice CRANE b. 1895, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus
|--3-Arthur George Richard CRANE b. 1897, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus, d. 1984, Heidelburg, Vic, Aus
|--3-Albert Edward CRANE b. 1899, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus, d. 1956, Bairnsdale, Vic, Aus
|--3-Lelia Winafred CRANE b. 1906, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus
|--2-William SAICH b. 1841, Nsw, Aus
| +Ann SEARCH b. 1838, Nsw, Aus, d. 1921, Newtown, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Thomas A SEACH b. 1864, Bathurst, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Robert E SEACH b. 1867, Bathurst, NSW, Aus, d. 1911, Wellington, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Winifred S SEACH b. 1869, Bathurst, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Florence Emily SEACH b. 1874, Bathurst, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Simon Alfred Ambrose SEACH b. 1876, Bathurst, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Charles Adam SEACH b. 1879, Bathurst, NSW, Aus
| |--3-Herbert L SEACH b. 1882, East Macquarie, NSW, Aus
|--2-Robert SAICH b. 1845, d. 1911, Wellington, NSW, Aus
| +Elizabeth J WEAL
| +Ada Mary McKELL
|--2-John SAICH b. 1847
|--2-Thomas SAICH


  1. I just stumbled upon this link while looking for something else. I was really excited to find my family names here. I am descended through the Matthews/Mills line through Florence. I believe I have been in touch with you before but at a time when I was not well & didn't get around to anything.
    I am about to start re-entering all my data as my new OS does not run my old program (PAF) and it will not transfer the data as a gedcom file. I now have Reunion 9 but since getting it life has been hectic & I have not really got started on it. I have to go back to documents a lot as I managed to print only a small amount of the old material. One day I'll get there!
    Anyway, it was exciting o read your files & feel an empathy with another member of my family.
    thanks for putting this online.
    Lynette Lewis

  2. Hello Lynette,
    I am grand-daughter of Frederick Carl Matthews, Florence's brother.
    Happy to share information.
    Patricia Hughes