Friday, 18 January 2008

Baby steps into the future

Tonight I have taken a few more baby steps into the 'modern' world of blogging..
Whilst researching genealogical DNA testing (thanks to maternal cousin Fay who had this done) I came across The Genetic Genealogist which is an awesome site on explaining genetic genealogy via Technorati, after reading through fascinating articles I found a contest being run where you can win a free DNA test, so me being me had to join up to Technorati and then MyBlogLog to enter.
Sooo, here I am getting back into blogging and learning what to do and how to do it *sigh* talk about confusing, should have just tried one at a time instead of doing both together, but hey I like challenges!
Would be cool to win the competition though, had been thinking of having a test for a while, actually would really rather have my elder uncle on my father's side do the test to try and nail down our dead-end Lucas Scots but I would really like mine done...mmmm... ponders the likely hood.
Well, that's a good start don't ya think?

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