Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Winifred (Elizabeth) Burke

Winifred married twice so I have included a chart here which includes her descendant's only

Descendants of Winifred (Elizabeth) FRITCHLEY Formerly SAICH m/s BURKE

Monday, 21 January 2008

Henry William Lenard and Mary Jane Brett

Just because I felt sorry for dear Alice being left out so I decided to put this one up in her honour.

Please note this is NOT confirmed lineage just what I've found cruising the genealogy sites, if you are related please feel free to get in touch and share details for my sons' heritage.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Blogging and Social Networking

Following on from my first post I have continued my foray into social networking and blogging. Boy hasn't it been a journey!

So far I have jumped into facebook and linkedin, I have even learned about feedburner and rss which always seemed so difficult to me previously, but I believe I have it now, kinda easy actually when you take the time to read the actual tutorials instead of skimming over them.

One thing that struck me, there really does seem to be the same set of people who move around and into "social networking" scenes, each time I joined and then entered my address book it was the same people over and over again that kept popping up. Although I must say I ran across 3 cousins, 1 really grown up and that made me feel even older than my years as the last time I saw him he was a teenager ;) and now he's 23 (well almost). Now this aspect is a genealogists dream to re-connect to people so that is all GOOD. I also came across a couple of fellow researchers that I have been too busy to contact, the opportunity to renew those links is great as well.

While researching about blogging I came across an interesting article by Gerard McGarry about "Nobody Links Out Anymore" which I found at digg, being a fellow drupal watcher I found it interesting, maybe you will find it helpful too?

Well that seems to be a lot about nothing, but I have to get into the groove somehow and it's also reminding me to reference, reference and reference - I hear the echo of my teacher at TAFE there! That is something we family researchers should be doing with every breath we breathe.

George Melrose ~ Surveyor

Obituary Notice from Sydney Morning Herald, August 20th, 1903.

Mr. George Melrose, Licensed surveyor, died at his residence, at Ashfield, early on Tuesday morning, in his 74th year, and his remains were interred yesterday

Friday, 18 January 2008

Baby steps into the future

Tonight I have taken a few more baby steps into the 'modern' world of blogging..
Whilst researching genealogical DNA testing (thanks to maternal cousin Fay who had this done) I came across The Genetic Genealogist which is an awesome site on explaining genetic genealogy via Technorati, after reading through fascinating articles I found a contest being run where you can win a free DNA test, so me being me had to join up to Technorati and then MyBlogLog to enter.
Sooo, here I am getting back into blogging and learning what to do and how to do it *sigh* talk about confusing, should have just tried one at a time instead of doing both together, but hey I like challenges!
Would be cool to win the competition though, had been thinking of having a test for a while, actually would really rather have my elder uncle on my father's side do the test to try and nail down our dead-end Lucas Scots but I would really like mine done...mmmm... ponders the likely hood.
Well, that's a good start don't ya think?

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dear G.G.G.G.Grandma Lydia by Glynis Wheeler

"Dear G.G.G.G.Grandma Lydia,"

I have recently returned from visiting the beautiful parish church in Madron, Cornwall, England where you were christened in September, 1811. My husband & I walked around the grounds of this church where you and your big brothers - William, b.1807 and Charles, b.1807 played.