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Richard Fritchley and Winifred Burke

Ada May Cummins nee Matthews according to the birth certificates of her children and nee Hamilton according to her death certificate has been the hardest lady to trace along with her husband William John Cummins (A BREAK ON THE CUMMINS WOULD BE WELCOME!). I had applied for a birth certificate of Ada Mary Hamilton in 1881 whose parents were John Adam Hamilton and Matilda Fritchley, but had never been able to PROVE that it was the same person.
Uncle Tom (Matilda's grandson) said that every time Matilda came for a visit from Taree she seemed to have a different name, that was all I had.... I previously found a marriage of Ada M Hamilton to Alfred Oborn in 1898 at Blayney and their son Arthur born 1898 and died 1899 at Wellington, NSW. I then surmised that Ada May may have taken on her step father's name of Matthews after she left this marriage and moved into a defacto relationship with William Cummins, but stated that she had married him (a marriage record has not been found to this date). Michael contacted me and from his grandmothers notes he confirmed that Matilda had indeed had several marriages, 1st to John Adam Hamilton, 2nd to Cornelius Vanderdoes and a 3rd to Samuel Matthews. BINGO. From this I have traced the BDM Indexes to give the following lineage, it is not all confirmed as I still need to apply for certificates, but it is a 90% surety.

This branch has been my brick wall for so long and then in July 2002 a fellow named Michael Montgomery contacted me regarding the Matthews family, which is incorporated in this lineage and solved a few mysteries for me that sent me on my merry way! I love that! Thank you Michael.

If you have anything to contribute to this WE WOULD LOVE to hear from you.

Descendants of Richard FRITCHLEY

|--2-Richard Fisher (NEWTON) FRITCHLEY c. 1813, Radford, Nottingham, Eng, d. 1897, Parramatta, NSW, Aus
+Winifred (Elizabeth) BURKE b. Cir 1823, Galway, Ire, d. 1897, Granville, Nsw, Aus
|--3-Elizabeth FRITCHLEY b. 1851, Nsw, Aus, d. 1863, Sydney, NSW, Aus
|--3-Richard Newton FRITCHLEY b. 1852, bur. 30 Jun 1931, Toowong, Qld, Aus
| +Annie SMITH
| |--4-Hilda Clyde FRITCHLEY b. 1879, Wardell, NSW, AUS
|--3-Edward FRITCHLEY b. 1854, Nsw, Aus, d. 1865, Hartley, NSW, Aus
|--3-Matilda FRITCHLEY b. 1857, Hartley, NSW, Aus, d. 1935, Taree, NSW, Aus
| +John Adam HAMILTON b. Abt 1842-1844, Ireland, d. 1888, Parramatta, NSW, Aus
| |--4-George J HAMILTON d. 1881, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--4-John Ballentine HAMILTON b. 1874, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--4-Annie W HAMILTON b. 1876, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--4-Mary E HAMILTON b. 1878, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| | +James Enoch DAVIS
| | |--5-Violet M DAVIS b. 1897, Orange, NSW, Aus, d. 1897, Orange, NSW, Aus
| |--4-Ada Mary HAMILTON b. 1881, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1952, Little Bay, Nsw, Aus
| | +William John CUMMINS b. 1870, Warnambool, Vic, d. 1915-1932, Nsw, Aus
| | |--5-William John CUMMINS b. 1906 d. unknown
| | |--5-Patrick John CUMMINS b. 1908, Cowra, NSW, Aus, d. 1966, Sydney, NSW, Aus
| | | +Beatrice Agnes Edna PHILLIPS
| | | |--6-Patrick William CUMMINS -
| | | *2nd Wife of Patrick John CUMMINS:
| | | +Cecilia MILLER 1920 - 1959
| | | |--6-Desmond Frederick MILLER b. 1938 Bingara, NSW, Aus, d. 2004, Fremantle, WA, Aus
| | | | |--7-Further info available
| | | |--6-Patricia May CUMMINS b. 1940, Surry Hills, NSW, Aus, d. 2004, Redcliffe, Qld, Aus
| | | | |--7-Further info available
| | | |--6-Peggy E C J LEWIS
| | | | +Ronald Sidney LUCAS b. 1936, Kensington, NSW, Aus, d. 1999, Helensvale, Qld, Aus
| | | | |--7-Rick LUCAS
| | | | |--7-Rhonda LUCAS
| | |--5-Dorothy May CUMMINS b. 1910, Cootamundra, NSW, Aus, d. 1954, Sydney, NSW, Aus
| | |--5-Thomas Joseph CUMMINS b. 1912, Fairy Meadow, NSW, Aus, d. 2000, Frankston, Vic, Aus
| | |--5-Michael Richard CUMMINS b. 1915, Campbelltown, NSW, Aus, d. 1999, Frankston, Vic, Aus
| | +Sydney BURTON
| | |--5-Sydney Alfred Burton CUMMINS b. 1919, Sydney, NSW, Aus, d. 1981, Nsw, Aus
| | +Alfred OBORN b. 1874, Bathurst, NSW, Aus, d. 1928, Manly, Nsw, Aus
| | |--5-Arthur R OBORN b. 1898, Wellington, NSW, Aus, d. 1899, Wellington, NSW, Aus
| |--4-William H HAMILTON b. 1883, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--4-Edward James HAMILTON b. 1885, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1968, Burwood, NSW, Aus
| |--4-Arthur Hugh HAMILTON b. 1886, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| +Cornelius Carl E VANDERDOES d. 1893, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| |--4-Ivy Pearl VANDERDOES b. 1891, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1976, Campsie, NSW, Aus
| | +George L MORTON
| |--4-Carl E VANDERDOES b. 1893, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1893, Dubbo, NSW, Aus
| +Samuel Foxwell Terrence MATTHEWS b. Abt 1838, Coleford, Gloucestshire, Eng, d. 1911, Lyndhurst, NSW, Aus
| |--4-Florence Helena MATTHEWS b. 1894, Stuart Town, NSW, Aus, d. 1984, Taree, NSW, Aus
| | +Soloman Hamly MILLS b. 1876, Thames, New Zealand, d. 1935, Taree, NSW, Aus
| | |--5-Further information Private
| |--4-Frederick Carl MATTHEWS b. 1897, Wellington, NSW, Aus, d. 1978
| +Pearl Audley DAVIS b. 1899, Razorback, Nsw, Aus
| |--5-Further information Private
|--3-George Patrick FRITCHLEY b. 1860, Hartley, NSW, Aus
| +Annie RODGERS
|--3-Mary Jane FRITCHLEY b. 1862, Hartley, NSW, Aus, d. 1960, Cambrian Hill, Vic, Aus
+Robert James CRANE b. 1862, Glen Osmond, , South Aus, Aus, d. 1945, Mooroopna, Vic, Aus
|--4-Horace Henry CRANE b. 1882, Dubbo, NSW, Aus, d. 1957, Parkdale, Vic, Aus
| +Charlotte Jane STUBBS b. 1881, Goulburn, NSW, Aus, d. 1924, Melbourne, Vic, Aus
| |--5-Further information Private
|--4-Joseph Irwin CRANE b. 1883, Campbelltown, NSW, Aus
|--4-Florance Maude Elizabeth CRANE b. 1884, West Maitland, NSW, Aus, d. 1935, Prahran, Vic, Aus
| +Charles STUBBS b. 1886, d. 1958, Parkdale, Vic, Aus
| |--5-Further information Private
|--4-Ethel Agnes CRANE b. 1886, Orange, NSW, Aus, d. 1934, St Arnaud, Vic, Aus
| +James WALLIS
| |--5-Further information Private
|--4-Robert W CRANE b. 1891, Orange, NSW, Aus
|--4-Esther Mary CRANE b. 1893, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus
|--4-Beatrice CRANE b. 1895, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus
|--4-Arthur George Richard CRANE b. 1897, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus, d. 1984, Heidelburg, Vic, Aus
|--4-Albert Edward CRANE b. 1899, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus, d. 1956, Bairnsdale, Vic, Aus
| +Annie Isobel MOLONEY b. 1898, St James, Victoria, Aus, d. 1939, Omeo, Vic, Aus
| |--5-Further information Private
|--4-Lelia Winafred CRANE b. 1906, Wangaratta, Vic, Aus

Fellow Fritchley Researcher's

Sandra Dunnachie - is also descended through Matilda Fritchley's 3rd marriage to Samuel Matthews via their daughter Florence.
[sandra95@{no spam}]

Fay Fraser - Is a descendant of Winifred Burke via her first marriage to James SAICH/SACH/SEACH. Which makes her a BURKE descendant.
Fraser - Seach Family History

Gillian Crane-Taylor - is a descendant of Mary Jane Fritchley who married Robert James Crane. Gillian has a family tree at Ancestry World Tree. Gillian's email is a dead one at present, and all endeavours to contact her have been unsuccessful. (3 Nov 2012)

Michael Montgomery - is descended through Matilda Fritchley's 3rd marriage to Samuel T Matthews via their son Frederick. Michael was my 1st Fritchley connection and the wonderful chap that helped solve the Matthews connection for me. [monteez@{no spam}]



  1. I have information about Samuel Foxwell Matthews. He was my great-grandfather. He had three wives, the first (Jane) died in England, the second (Mary Ann) in New Zealand, and the third (Matilda) in Australia. He emmigrated from England to Christchurch New Zealand in 1874 with his second wife and 3 children and had 2 further children in NZ, before moving to Australia in the 1880's, abandoning his family in NZ. There are numerous descendents in NZ from the second wife. If you want any further information, just let me know.

    Ken Matthews
    Wellington, NZ

  2. I'm researching the Matthews family from Coleford in Gloucestershire on behalf of my brother in law who is descended from Samuel's father William Foxwell Matthews. Would love to hear more about Samuel. His first two children were born in Greenwich London so he moved about a bit. I can't find a record of his marriage to his second wife. We have photos of samuel's brother William and his wife Leah in old age.

    Hoping to hear from you

    Sue Allen

  3. Hi Sue

    Lovely of you to make contact. Will send you an email.

    Cheers, Rhonda

  4. Hi Ken,

    Missed your comment there! Sending you an email also :D