Saturday, 27 January 2007

Joseph Craft and Sarah Robinson


My daughter Gina's family tree has been the easiest as it has basically been done by a LOT of fellow family researchers!

Her Craft line merges with the Everingham's, which I have not shown here, but will give a little of their history below on how they connect.

Matthew James EVERINGHAM was a First Fleeter arriving in Australia January 1788. He married Elizabeth Rimes on 13 March 1791 and had 10 children. Their second daughter Sarah Elizabeth was born 9 June 1793 and married Richard WOODBURY on 17 Dec 1810 at Windsor, NSW. Richard & Sarah had 11 children and two of their daughters married into the CRAFT family by marrying two brothers. Ann WOODBURY married James CRAFT on 27 July 1840 and are Gina's 3rd great grandparents. Ann's sister Rebecca had already married William CRAFT on 28 Nov 1837. Check the related links at the bottom for some excellent sites on the Everingham's.

Friday, 26 January 2007

Isaac Lancaster and Mary Ann Shaw

A Little Lancaster History

This page is a work in progress which I recently started for my daughter Gina and her grandmother Heather.

On Heather's birthday in July 2002 she asked me to see if I could find any of her siblings who she was estranged from in 1931 following the death of her mother Jessie. This led me to the following information.