Sunday, 10 December 2006

Friend and Lenard Family

This book is dedicated to the Friend Family and to the memory of Col and Alice Friend.


Col was a special man and even to this day the boys both remember him for teaching them to shake hands with the standard "How do you do!".

I remember a time when Col was in hospital in Wagga for his 'angina' and he told me to stop crossing my legs or I would end up like him... mmm I do wish I had have listened to him that one, because my legs give me grief these days. Ah, those wise old timers that we never listen to when we are younger.


Baldwin, Brett, FRIEND, Fowler, Funnell, Lenard, Payne, Piper, Ross

James FRIEND b. 1872, Coolac, NSW, Aus

Brett, LENARD, Fowler


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