Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cornelius Leahy & Margaret Manly


From what I have established so far the Leahy's and Manl(e)y's appear to have immigrated to South Australia from Ireland.

Cornelius and Margaret were married 3 Oct 1858 at Mt Barker, South Australia, his father was Denis Leahy and her father was Edward Manely.  At some stage following their marriage they travelled through Victoria to the Wilcannia area in NSW were Cornelius worked as a horse breaker and teamster, I believe for the Cobb & Co Coach Company.

** The descendant list below except for my direct line has NOT been completely confirmed but established via BDM indexes.

Buckiinguy was a property owned by Cobb & Co.  The Whitney family lived there in 1863.  A grave of one of their children is on the property.  Buckiinguy once incorporated the stations of: Mara Creek, Benah, Morbello West, Wooloogoola, Tooloogoola, Wooloogoola West, Morbello, Grayway, Waugbundry, Wandamungay - comprising 'Millie and The Mole'. Rutherford received Buckiinguy on Whitney's death when the Cobb & Co properties were split up.


Descendants of Cornelius LEAHY

1 Cornelius Leahy 1837 - 1877
- +Margaret Manly 1831 - 1912
-- 2 Denis Leahy 1858 -
-- 2 Mary Ann Leahy 1860 - 1940
-- 2 Susan Leahy 1862 - 1932
-- 2 Cornelius Campbell Leahy 1864 - 1933
----- +Louisa Bray 1861 - 1938
------ 3 Adelaide Maud Manley Hodges 1892 - 1979
--------- +Reuben Thomas Brown
------ 3 Cornelius Colin Hodges 1894 - 1955
------ 3 Hercules Lloyd Leahy 1896 - 1959
------ 3 Beatrice Victoria Hodges 1899 - 1972
--------- +Private
---------- 4 Lily May Hodges 1915 - 1976
-------------- +Harry Sydney Lucas 1910 - 1984
--------------- 5 Ronald Sidney Lucas 1936 - 1999
-------------------+Peggy Lewis (Cummins)
------------------- 6 Rhonda Lucas
------ *2nd Husband of Beatrice Victoria Hodges:
--------- +John "Jack" Ryan 1892 -
------ 3 Thomas Hodges 1903 - 1903
-- 2 Margaret Jane Leahy 1865 -
-- 2 John Joseph (Jack) Leahy 1868 - 1954
-- 2 Thomas Edward Leahy 1873 - 1907
-- 2 Elizabeth Leahy 1875 -
-- 2 Bridget Leahy 1877 - 1886



  1. I am researching Cornelius Leahy and his family my grandfather in law was Stan leahy - son of Margaret Rebecca Cohen and Joseph Leahy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi there Fiona & Kristin, would love to compare notes with you both, and I also know that my Aunt Bev (Tamworth) would love to chat with you.

    I am just in the middle of changing over my gedcom from phpgedview to TNG and trying to get it on online, once I have done that I will be in touch with both of you.

    I have to take advantage of the school holiday's which have just started otherwise I will never get it done!

    Could you both drop me a line with your email addy's? As I have a few certificates that I will scan and add to the site as well for you.

  3. My gg Grandfather Dennis Leahy was born 10/1819 in Thurles Tipperary and was the fifth of six children, 4 boys and 2 girls born to Dennis Leahy and Mary Ann Kearney/Carney. He immigrated to the US around 1850, and was planting trees in California by 1853.
    Just wondered if you knew where in Ireland your Leahys are from.
    I broke down today and ordered a search from the Tipperary Genealogy Center for my Mom's birthday pressie, so I hope to have more info soon. Cheers!

  4. Hi I am one of the Grandchildren of Cornelius William John Leahy & Alice Cohen my father was John Anthony Leahy ( they tell me dad was adopted but i don't know of his other fanily )& my mother Freda Callen
    I have 3 Sister's & 1 Brother. Their is Alice Jean,Patricia Louise, & me Marie Teresa,Karen Elizabeth,William John.That is from oldest to youngest please email back

  5. Hello Kristen and fiona! I know you Kristen but I'm not sure about Fion. But I do know your dad. susan rebecca was my mother. My brother J ck and I are the only two left now of eleven. I am trying to find out about the parents of cornelius Leahy.
    Say Hello! to your parents for me.

  6. Hi Rhonda Last week i came across a Cornelius Leahy who came out on the Surge 1852 age 16 yrs a herdsman. He came out with a Mary Warren who had been sponsored by my gg/father Cornelius who was married to a Catherine Warren & was already here living at Kapunda. Do you think he belongs to you? Loretta

  7. Hi Loretta,
    Thanks for your post, I was going to answer not sure (?) but I see you have come back and said "yes he does"? Wow, thats fantastic that you have found him coming in! I will send you an email offline.
    Thanks :D

  8. hi,i think bridget carrick was my grandmother on my dads side