Wednesday, 15 December 2004

RIP ~ Snoopy Lucas

God's Line

Snoopy Lucas
12 years + some

Dad's faithful Snoopdog went home to his maker and I can actually picture
Ron & Snoop reuniting and strolling around together!

It was a joint decision made by both Gina and I to send him home. Can you
believe it? I was too upset to stay with him so I stayed outside while
Gina was with him until the end. Now he doesn't have to negotiate the
stairs and can stop running into things from his progressive blindness.

Peace be with you Snoop!

Snoopy on the 30 Aug 2004

Wednesday, 8 December 2004

RIP ~ Desmond F Miller

Miller Line

Desmond Frederick Miller
7th February 1938, Bingara, NSW
7th December 2004, Fremantle, WA
Aged 66 years, 10 months, 0 days

Regrettably 2004 didn't close without another death; 
Mum's brother Desmond.