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RIP ~ Peggy Jean Lucas

Cummins Line

Peggy Jean Lucas

formerly Elvine Jeannee Lewis born Cummins

13 April 1943 ~ Coffs Harbour, NSW, Aus
12 May 2017 ~ Brisbane, NSW, Aus
Aged 74 years, 0 months, 29 days

DNA Profiles
GEDmatchLCH Cummins/Miller
FTDNAPeggy M224633 Cummins
23andMe: Peggy (M224633) Lucas

It is with the deepest of sadness we add my dear mother to our Memoriam section.

Peggy was born at Sunnyside Private Hospital, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia on 13 April 1943 to Patrick John Cummins and Cecilia Miller and named Elvine Jean Cummins, she was baptized on 5 May 1943 at St Mary's Catholic Church, Grafton, NSW as Elvine Cecilia Jean Lewis with her parents and soon to be adoptive mother present.  She was formally adopted on 2 June 1944 at Grafton, NSW by Irene Virginia Lewis and known as Peggy O'Brien until her marriage in 1965, that is a story for another time.  She was pre-deceased by her husband Ronald Sidney Lucas.  Peggy died tragically on 12 May 2017 at Brisbane, Queensland. 

Peggy's passing will be deeply mourned by her 3 children; Rick (and Donna); Rhonda (John and Mark); Maureen "Kim" (deceased) , their 7 children, her beloved grandchildren (and their partners); Matt, Erin; Blake and Belinda; Dan and Jaclyn, Georgina; Ryan and Tonya; Adam (and Jazzie) and her 8 1/2 great grandchildren; Dominic, Bella-Lee and Ashton; Joshua, Kayla, and Summer; Kim, Ella; and the soon to be 9th.  And especially her niece Deborah who was like a daughter and considered as my sister.

She was the eldest sister of Gerry aka Shane (deceased), Neil (deceased) and Kathy, Colleen, Patsy (deceased), and Johnny (deceased).  Thanks to our continuous family research we added her birth family; Des (deceased), Tricia (deceased), Neville (stillborn), Michael, Trevor and Patrick "Billy" (still searching for); some she had the distinct privilege of meeting in her later life and forming relationships with.

Fondly remembered sister-in-law of the Lucas clan who embraced her and gave her family; Shirley and Keith (deceased), Bill and Betty (Wilma) (all deceased), Dawn and Keith, Bev and Errol, Doug and Nancy, Beth and Ray (deceased), Bob and Lesley (and Shirley), and Aunt and great Aunt to their families.  And, deeply loved cousin of the Carter Clan especially Tim Carter, the first cousin and family she met.

Dear Mum, I said this in life and repeat it here, I am so glad you were my mother and grateful my soul chose you to guide me through my own journey.  I love you deeply and miss you like crazy and will continue to honour our joint commitment to reconnect the family tree as much as I possibly can in this life.  I am grateful you jumped through the looking glass with me, it made our life interesting!  Love and blessings always, your daughter Rhondalee xoxoxoxo

Mum's life

After raising her siblings and leaving home to join forces with her soon to be husband Ron Lucas and the Lucas clan in 1961-1962 life changed dramatically for Mum.  It was not always rosy, but definitely more settled than her earlier years.  

Peggy worked at Kaiser Stuhl (I think that was the name of the place, it was at 102 Elliott St, Balmain, but for the life of me I cannot remember the actual business name), Big Sister where she found a love of Big Sister Plum Pudding's. I
n the Candy Bar at the State Theatre, funny story there, I was with her one day and they let me watch a movie through the theatre doors.  Of all things it was "Count Yorga, Vampire" and I saw enough of the movie to freak me out for the rest of my life, I was barely 5 and I was terrified to sleep! Vampire's were under my bed, in my wardrobe and heaven help me if I had to go to the "outhouse" in the middle of the night, I would scream the house down!  Out of desperation she had to take me back in to the Theatre and organised a special visit to the projector room to show me that the Vampire was in the can.  Oh Mum, lol it so did not work!  

Being a "barmaid" through her earlier life was almost a calling, Dad was the jealous type and it caused a fair bit of disharmony but she was so good at it and thoroughly enjoyed it, she worked at places like the Sackville Hotel, Terminus Hotel, White Bay Hotel, Auburn Hotel and many others.  Later, about 1973-74 she started work at Festival Records testing the sound quality of vinyl records, she thoroughly enjoyed this career, and honestly so did I, in my youth most of my school holidays were spent at Festival locked in a booth playing records!  The record collection grew, she met wonderful people and made a life long friend Oriel.  She left for a short while when she separated from Dad and we travelled to Brisbane and back down to Sydney eventually settling in Wagga.  Here she worked at the meat packing plant canning spam and she could never eat canned meat again, in fact meat was pretty much off the menu from that point on.

She LOVED live shows; her first was "Jesus Christ Super Star", followed by a Chorus Line several times, Pirates of Penzance, Starlight Express, Disney on Ice, Cats, and many others.

Early 1981 she moved back to Sydney and rejoined Festival Records until 1992 when they  closed the vinyl manufacturing plant, the good old Compact Disc was taking over, and Mum took an early retirement and we moved to the Gold Coast, Qld.  This is when we found a wonderful Family History Society along with the new records and methods of researching that were available to us and the family research bug bit us profoundly and changed our lives.  Over the ensuing years we sold everything to travel to meet her birth family, down to Wonthaggi to meet a paternal Uncle Tom, across the Nullabor Plains to Fremantle to meet her brother Des and visit their mother's grave and then down to Augusta to meet her sister Patricia and half brother Trevor.  

On our return to the Gold Coast we had this great idea of travelling Australia, meeting more relatives and cleaning up ancestors graves.  Before we were ready to leave whilst converting a bus and changing the layout of the caravan; her husband, my father died and abandoned us in 1999.  We did take off and try the trip on our own, but without Dad it wasn't the same, we eventually settled in Maryborough, Qld in 2002.  Here we stepped into DNA to prove and disprove the family connections we had found over the years and she found Facebook which reconnected her to family all over the country and world.  Her shaky hands prohibited her from posting long posts and she came to be known for her sticker responses, which will be missed by all!  

Towards the end, her illnesses were many and her pain level was high, she had her first knee replacement done last year and had just had the other knee replaced in the hope of reducing some of the pain and to gain a little more mobility when our world came crashing down and she crossed over to be a pain free atom surrounded by endless and eternal love and peace, where she can now be with whoever needs her love and guidance when they need it.

Her family were her life and meant the world to her and her memory will live on through us and the following generations. 

You are loved!

Ron and Peggy Lucas

Peggy was privately cremated and a memorial to celebrate her life will be held at a date to be advised in Sydney, NSW.

A Mass dedication was held at St Mary's Catholic Church, Maryborough, Qld
on Tuesday 20 Jun 2017.

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Emily May Davis nee Miller's Photo Album

In my move towards complete open sharing of our genealogy I have posted Emily's album on our Facebook page, please have a look, and if you know anyone in the photo's please add a comment.

If you take any of the photos for your own collection please reference them and if you are adding to your genealogy database please source them correctly back to the Album or to here.

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Seeking Browyn Howell

Back in the 90's I was in contact with Bronwyn Howell ( and, she was researching the Jones and Miller lines and I would love to reconnect, if you know her or you stumble across this post Bronwyn please get in touch, would love to chat about advancements along the line.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

John Charles Davis & Zenobia Mundy

Descendants of John Charles DAVIS

1-John Charles DAVIS was born about 1844, Barnstaple, Devonshire, England, his marriage certificate states his parents as George Davis and Fanny Jones.  He arrived in Australia on the "Sir Robert Sale" in 1864, aged 21.

This page was updated 2 Apr 2016 to replace the fixed descendant list with an updatable one from WikiTree.

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DNA: Gedmatch Family Groups

Gedmatch Family Groups

The following is a current list of confirmed connections using DNA and the groups the break down to.  If you connect with any of us we would love to hear from you!

Here is a link to help with uploading your raw data from 23andme to, by doing this you will also be able to compare matches to AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA