Our Genetic Genealogy

We are growing our DNA presence in an attempt to prove/disprove our lineages and we are hoping it will take us back further.

If you are interested in joining us, we have a presence at 23andme and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).

Our email is dna@dixie9.com

For ease of comparing DNA please refer to the Gedmatch Family Groupings chart

Rhonda Lucas (T1a1)

Peggy Lucas (T1a1)

Rhonda's PATERNAL LUCAS Uncle (R1b1a2=M269 was R-P311) |  (U4)

Tim Carter (Melrose cousin) (I2a) | (H5)

Cousin Tim graciously donated his DNA to us to confirm Peg's birth lineage and connection to the Melrose family, this enables us to narrow down and hone in on potential Melrose/Irvine/Schofield/Wilkinson/Young connections.

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As more relatives come on board I will do an actual table.  Please, if you have your DNA done let me know so we can compare!


  1. Hi, my mother's kit#T844512 is matching to the following 3 kits for dna@dixie9.com. I'm trying to understand the relationship (if there is one) between the three kits. It is most likely that our connection is Irish. T399182, T861886 & M041253. Could you help?

    1. Hi June

      Further you our previous contact it appears this may be a McLachlan match, check your email :)