Friday, 20 February 2015

Introducing Patrick John 'Paddy' Cummin's youngest son

Last night, Thursday 19th February was an interesting night.  Whilst sitting here waiting for severe TC Marcia to cross the Coast of Queensland a few hundred kilometers up the road being and being hammered with sheets of wind and rain I decided to log into FamilyTreeDNA and check the status again of 'Uncle's' Family Finder test.  Results for batch 606 were initially due 11 Feb, then 18th, then 25th.  Once your myOrigins results load you know you are getting close to receiving full results.  SURPRISE, his myOrigins results were loaded!  Yippee!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

DNA: Gedmatch Family Groups

Gedmatch Family Groups

The following is a current list of confirmed connections using DNA and the groups the break down to.  If you connect with any of us we would love to hear from you!

Here is a link to help with uploading your raw data from 23andme to, by doing this you will also be able to compare matches to AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Joining the Genealogy Do-Over Challenge

If you have followed me here and over at Facebook you'll know that I have had some database issues and disasters over the years, this past year I have spent the time attempting to 'fix' the problems and I feel as though I am getting nowhere fast.

However, 2015 is a whole new year and I am tired of wasting my time trying to 'fix' it, so I am going to join Thomas McEntee and throw it all out and start fresh, oh boy this is going to be a HUGE and wondrous journey.  Completely re-sourcing every single item, along with new ones, one person at a time.

If you are game and would like to join me, see here

Sunday, 28 December 2014

William Johnston 1888-1926, Inquest

Sometimes when researching your family you'll find something that pulls at your heartstrings, this is one such case.

William Johnston is my 1st cousin, 3 times removed, our common ancestors are George Brown and Mary Cleary.  I found his death a while ago but tonight was searching through Trove for any snippets and I found a Coroner's account of his tragic death.

PRIMITIVE HOPPERSCORONER'S SEVERE COMMENT  SYDNEY, Thursday.Some caustic comments were made to-day at an inquest concerning the death of William Johnston, who fell into the water while opening the doors of the hopper Kestrel. Evidence was given that when the large doors at the bottom of the hopper jammed it was customary to strike the ram with a hammer to release them. Johnston   had been doing this for about 10 minutes, standing on a pile of ashes, before the doors opened and he and the ashes slid into the water. 
William Tait, who was also employed on the hopper, endeavoured to save Johnston's life, and had managed to grasp his hand when another load of ashes crashed on to his shoulders, and he lost his grip. 
The coroner, in returning a verdict of accidental death, said he had inspected the hopper and it appeared to him that the method of opening the doors was most primitive; in fact, it seemed to, be an invention of the early eighties when human life was not of much value. He could not imagine that a better method of opening the doors could not be provided. A man might escape 100 times and then lose his life through no fault of his own. "It occurred to me," he added, "that a man has not anything to stand on except the ashes. Men become so accustomed to this sort of thing that they lose their sense of danger." 
The owners of the hopper informed the coroner that they had taken steps to prevent such accidents in future.
PRIMITIVE HOPPERS. (1926, August 20). Northern Star(Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved December 29, 2014, from 
Further, his death appears to have left his surviving parents, William Johnston and Alice Mina Lola Brown in hardship.
DEATH OF A WORKER.PARENTS AWARDED COMPENSATION. Sydney, November 30.The Workers' Compensation Commission to-day awarded the parents of WilliamJohnston, who drowned at the Heads on July 22, by being precipitated through the hatches of an ash hopper, £400. Both were partly dependent on their son.
DEATH OF A WORKER. (1926, December 1). The Advertiser(Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), p. 13. Retrieved December 29, 2014, from 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

DNA confirms there is ONE Thomas Graham Melrose (1806, Scotland - 1888, Michigan)

Excitement is immense here. This week we have a MAJOR DNA confirmation on the Melrose line.

Thomas Graham Melrose, my 4th great grandfather, who married Mary Anne Irvine is the very same
Thomas Graham Melrose that married Anna O'Neil in 1848, Motréal, Québec. Research shows that Anna is also known as Horrigan, Harrigan, Wilson and Willston.

This is confirmed with a triangulated match of a great grandson of Thomas Graham Melrose and Anna O'Neil to a great great grandson and great great great granddaughter of Thomas Graham Melrose and Mary Ann Irvine.