Friday, 11 July 2014

Winifred BURKE (Margaret 3) | Australian Female Convict Database

Winifred BURKE (Margaret 3) | Australian Female Convict Database:

Winifred Fritchley formerly Sach/Saich nee Burke has been added to the Australian Female Convict Database.  Thanks go to cousin Fay Fraser for submitting x

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Australian Deathcare Industry by Aussie Rhonda

It is with regret that I inform I have removed my links database to the death industry in Australia "Australian Deathcare Industry by Aussie Rhonda".

My apologies to those that used it, I have decided to channel my time in other directions.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Anna Maria Rowe and William Bray

Now, do I call this one Hodges, Bray or Leahy? 

That is the big question!

Here is some background and hopefully, if you are connected to this branch you can help fill in some blanks.

Louisa Bray, the daughter of John & Maria BRAY was christened 4 August 1861 at St Blazey, Cornwall. I had narrowed down their arrival to between 1861 and 1877, Louisa's death certificate states she had been in the colonies for 72 years which makes her about 4 when she arrived. I believe William, Maria and Louisa arrived at Port Adelaide, Australia on 1st May 1865 onboard the Clara.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

James Pinkerton - WikiTree Profile

James Pinkerton - WikiTree Profile is now live and viewable, still a work in progress and will be added and modified along the way, feel free to request to join the trusted list to collaboratively work on him.

James Pinkerton and Mary Ann Pollock

James Pinkerton from Derry, Ire & Mary Ann Pollock from Leckpatrick, Co. Tyrone, Ire arrived on the New York Packet.
James' profile has been added to WikiTree please request to join the trusted list to collaboratively work on his profile. NOTE: We are actively seeking potential DNA matches on this line to confirm parentage; Rhonda, 16 Feb 2014

In 1841 there were three people onboard the 'New York Packet' which sailed into Sydney that would play a part in the Pinkerton Lineage. They were James PINKERTON, aged 23, a native of Derry, Ireland; Mary Ann POLLOCK, aged 21, and her younger sister Margaret POLLOCK, aged 18 both from Leckpatrick, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.